SMS Marketing with QR Codes

QR codes are all the rage in mobile marketing right now, but did you know that you can use QR codes to initiate an opt-in to an SMS marketing campaign? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango shows you how to incorporate QR codes into your SMS marketing campaign and some words of caution when using QR codes.


Video Transcription

Hey everyone, Derek Johnson with Have you ever seen one of these QR codes? They’re pretty cool. Did you know that you can use a QR code in conjunction with an SMS campaign? Now that’s really cool.

Let me explain how it works. A QR code can trigger something on a phone, which can be anything from a URL to a video to downloading an app, but it also can trigger an SMS message. How does that work? What you do is when you create your QR code, which you can create your QR code on many different free services, you want to select the SMS option. When it asks you two different things, It’s going to ask you for the phone number and you’re going to put in the short code. Tatango’s short code is 33733. Then it’s going to ask you for the body of the message, which you’re going to put your keyword in. This keyword is pizza, so I’m going to put pizza.

Then what is super cool is when somebody scans the QR code like this, boom. Okay, great. It pops up on my mobile phone, as a customer, pre-populated the text message. It says the phone number 33733 in the “To” field, and then it says pizza, the keyword, below it. All I have to do as a customer is click send, and then it’s sent and now I’ve joined your SMS campaign. Very, very simple. The problem, though, right now and again this is just right now, is that only 40% of your customers have a smart phone. That means 60% of people can’t opt in to your SMS campaign if this is the only thing you do to allow people to opt in.

The solution, though, is over here. The solution is you want to put the keyword and the short code always right below the QR code. The reason you want to do this is so that somebody who doesn’t have a smart phone can look at it and still type it in via SMS and avoid scanning the QR code.

Now you know how to combine a QR code with an SMS marketing campaign and be successful. Make sure you include all your customers.

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