Introduction to SMS Products

Not sure which SMS marketing products you should launch for your business? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango breaks down all four SMS products and explains how you might apply these campaigns to your own marketing strategy.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with Tatango.

At Tatango we have four different SMS products. The first product we offer is SMS Broadcasts. SMS Broadcasts allow you to collect mobile phone numbers and send text messages on a frequent basis, whether those are alerts or promotions, whether you're sending them daily, weekly, monthly, that's up to you, to those mobile phone numbers.

The second product we have is SMS Contests. SMS Contests allows people to enter a contest via text message. The best part is you get to pick a winner.

The third product we offer at Tatango is SMS Polls. This allows you to poll people via text message and then we show you all the results of that SMS poll.

The fourth product we offer is SMS Autoresponders. This allows people to request information via text message.

Now that you know the four different SMS products we offer at Tatango, you've just got to pick one and start your SMS campaign.

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