Introduction to SMS Contests

Not sure how you can use an SMS contest for your business? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango explains both how SMS contests work, and how you can use them to not only engage with your customers, but drive additional business with SMS contests.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with SMS contests are a great way to engage with your customers. Here's how they work. First, you want to pick a keyword. Our keyword that we picked for this demonstration is the keyword "win." Customers would text "win" to the phone number 33733. Just a refresher, 33733 is what we call a "short code." This is Tatango's short code. Customers would text "win" to 33733 to be entered into the SMS contest. When the customers text "win" to 33733, then they receive a message that's automated by you.

This one says, "Thanks for entering the contest." That only takes up 20 characters, you get the rest of the 140 characters to customize for your business. This means you can put a hyperlink in to a mobile video, a mobile website. You can put a phone number, "click to call to receive more information," or special or to order something today from your business. You can also put information, just straight text, maybe when you're going to pick a winner for this SMS contest, maybe a promotion or more information about your business. The last one is, you can also put a keyword in there which would allow customers to opt in to receive future promotions from your business. That's pretty cool.

Not only, with SMS contests, can you engage with your customers, if you put a keyword in there, you can also opt people in for future alerts. SMS contests are both easy and a great way to engage and get people to opt in to your SMS campaign for future promotions.

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