SMS Content Restrictions

Ever wonder what exactly you can put in a text message promotion? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango breaks down the three different types of content you can put in your own business SMS promotions.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with Are you ready to start text messaging, but thinking to yourself, "What can I put in the body of the text message?" Well, there are three different things, and I encourage you to use them all, mix and match. So, let's go through the first one.

I think it's the most obvious. You can put text in a text message. You're pretty used to that because you're texting your friends and you're putting actual text in the text message.

The second one is links, sometimes know as hyperlinks. These customers can click on and then go to a mobile website, mobile video, mobile survey, anything on the web that's optimized for the mobile phone.

The third one is phone numbers. These, I think, are used the least, but I think have an awesome power to them. What happens nowadays with feature phones and smartphones is customers can actually click on that phone number, it's called click to call, and then be connected to your right away. So they can click to order, click to purchase, click to find out more information and be connected to you right in that instant, in that text message, pretty cool.

Anyway, these are the three different things that you can include in the body of a text message. So now, it's up to you to start text messaging.

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