Introduction to SMS Autoresponders

Not sure what an SMS Autoresponder is or how you can use them in your business marketing? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango explains how SMS autoresponders work and how they can be used in your business to not only engage your customers, but increase business.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with I'm going to be talking about SMS auto responders and how to use them for your business. They're pretty much the easiest thing to do in text message marketing, so this video is going to be pretty quick.

First thing you want to do is you want to pick a keyword. A keyword is something, like a word, that is texted to short code. Our short code, which is pretty much, just a fancy way for a little phone number, is 33733.

For this demonstration I picked the keyword "info." So customers would text "info" to 33733 to receive more information on my business. Now that information that I'm going to send to them is automated. I can set that information, and I can leave it, and every single day it will just work on my behalf. Pretty cool and pretty easy for you as a business owner.

Here's what happens when a customer texts "info" to that short code, 33733. They can either receive texts, just 160 characters of plain text. You could put text, plus a link in there. That hyperlink can go to a video about your business or even a mobile website.

You can also put a keyword in there, so can say, "opt-in to receive future alerts, once I tell you the information about my business." You can also put a click to call phone number in there, which we're seeing much more of nowadays, where can people can actually just, on their phone, click and call.

A great way to use an SMS auto responder. You can also combine all those in one message, you get 160 characters. Anyway, that's an SMS auto responder. As I said, they're pretty easy, but pretty effective when trying to engage and send information to your customers.

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