Using Autoresponders with Mass SMS

Have you built a large database of SMS subscribers and looking for new and unique ways to engage with them? Have you tried sending a mass text message encouraging SMS subscribers to interact with an SMS Autoresponder? If not, Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango discusses how you can do this for your own SMS marketing campaign.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with here. Are you using a mass messaging campaign and you want to mix it up a little bit? Well, now you can use an SMS autoresponder in addition to your mass messaging campaign, all in the same message. Pretty cool, huh. Let me show you how it works.

Auto-responders are text for info, text to vote, or text to win campaigns. Let's use a text to win for example. Let's say every week you send out a message to all your customers, a mass text message, and every week you put in some kind of coupon. Sometimes that gets a little repetitive, so you want to mix it up this week. This week, at the bottom, you say, "To enter our contest, reply Win." "Win" is your autoresponder text to win keyword. When somebody does that from your mass messaging campaign, they text to win, they're going to receive the autoresponder message. It's going to say, "Thanks for entering the contest." Then later you can pick a contest winner.

Pretty cool. Great way to mix things up. Again, you can do a text to win, a text to vote, or even a text for info right within your mass messaging campaign. Anyway, good luck.

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