Real Estate Text Messaging

Are you a real estate agent or broker looking to use text message marketing to increase the amount of quality leads for your property listings? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango explains how real estate agents and brokers can use SMS autoresponders to not only increase interest in your property listings, but increase the amount of quality leads you receive.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with Are you a real estate agent looking to take your business mobile, and most importantly, your listings mobile to get more interest in them? Well, text message marketing is the best way for any real estate agent, both because it's easy, cheap, and effective.

Here's how it works. You have a listing and you want this listing to sell, and there are tons of people that are driving by and walking by that property every day. They want to request information about that specific property. Well, this is what you can do. You can set up an SMS auto responder through Once you do that, you get a keyword. The keyword for this specific house is, "home." Pretty easy. If you have multiple properties you can set up multiple keywords for each individual listing, "home 1," "home 2," "home 3." This one is just home because it relates just to this specific property.

When they text "home" to the phone number 33733, the potential buyer will get a text message back to their mobile phone with all the information that they need about that house. Not only the square footage, the price, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, you can also put mobile links in there, so you can link to a mobile website or a video. That's pretty cool, a video for this house. Also, you can put a click-to-call phone number. So, let's say they're really, really interested, they can just push on their phone and call you right away, and hopefully buy that house.

Here's the secret for real estate and why text message marketing is so powerful: the minute someone text messages "home" to 33733, you get an e- mail. In that e-mail, you get the potential buyer's mobile phone number, so now you don't even need to wait for them to call you, you can call them. Tell them, you know, "Hey, I saw you're interested in this house. I'd love to set up a showing," and hopefully sell that house.

That's how text message marketing, both easy, cheap, and most importantly, effective, works for your real estate business.

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