SMS vs. MMS Marketing

Having trouble understanding the difference between SMS marketing and MMS marketing? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango breaks down the difference between the two and why and when to use each in your own marketing campaign.


Video Transcription

Hey, everyone. Derek Johnson with Have you ever wondered what the difference between SMS and MMS is? Well, it's pretty simple, and I'm going to explain it to you today.

Let's first talk about what the definition of each one of these is. SMS, short messaging service. Say that six times fast. MMS, multimedia messaging service. Say that six times fast is even worse. Multimedia is obviously one word, that's why there's one M. I always get confused on that for some reason.

Let's first talk about SMS since now you know what the definition is. SMS is 160 characters of plain text. Now, that text can be text, a phone number, even a link, but it has to be plain text. MMS on the other hand, multimedia messaging service, again, just if you forgot, MMS is a lot of different things. You can put pictures. You can put video. Also, a lot of people don't realize that MMS, you can also put text. One of the cool things about MMS is that text is unlimited. Instead of 160 characters, you can use as many characters as you want with an MMS message.

The difference though for SMS marketing is that MMS is much more expensive than SMS. So when you're looking at your next SMS or MMS marketing campaign, you have to look at, do you want to send pictures, video, and maybe even longer text than 160 characters, and if so, you're going to pay premium for that, or are you okay with sending 160 characters?

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