Mass Messaging vs. Autoresponders

Having trouble understanding the difference between mass text messaging and SMS autoresponders? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango breaks down the difference between the two and why and when to use each in your own mobile marketing campaign.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with Tatango. When using text message marketing, you have two choices –. mass messaging or autoresponders. Both have text messaging, but both are very different. Let me explain.

Mass messaging, when a customer gives your business their phone number, you now have permission to send them a text message whenever you want. Let's say once a week. On the second week, on the third week, and so forth. Pretty simple, huh?

Autoresponders are even more simple. When a customer gives you their mobile phone number, you now have permission to send them one message. That's all. You can't send them multiple messages. You only can send them one. The reason being is that autoresponders are used for things like an SMS contest or a text message voting campaign or just to send them one-time information back to their mobile phone.

That's the difference between mass messaging and autoresponders. You pick one or use them both. Welcome to Tatango.

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