Apartment Management Text Messaging

Are you looking to take your apartment marketing mobile? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango explains how apartment complexes all across the country are using text messaging to not only cut their marketing costs, but attract more potential renters than ever before.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with Tatango.com. Is your apartment complex looking to go mobile? Well, text message marketing is the solution for you. Here's how it works. Here's your apartment complex, and every day thousands or hundreds of people drive by and walk by your unit. But, the problem is, unless you have a sign outside, nobody's gonna know what you have available inside. OK. Let's say if you have a sign outside. Well, the problem with the sign is every day you're going to have to go outside and update that sign, which is a pain for you.

Here's the solution, text message marketing. With text message marketing, you don't have to put anything on the sign except "text RENT to 33733". Now, "rent" is the keyword I made for this specific apartment complex. You can have customers or potential tenants text whatever you want to 33733. Once they do that, they will get a text message back to their mobile phone automatically. It will say how many bedrooms, and bathrooms, and places you have available, and what the price is. You set all this information, and with the click of a button you can set it automatically, every single morning, when there are updates.

The best part is that you can put links to mobile websites, mobile video. You can also put a phone number in there, so let's say they want to buy or rent, they can call you, the manager, and rent from you. Pretty simple. And the best part is you can update this from your computer instead of walking out every day and updating the sign.

Anyway, that's text message marketing and how it's used for apartment complexes. Hopefully this helps.

Video transcription by Speechpad.com