Best Practices for Alcohol Messaging

Are you a business that may be advertising alcohol in your SMS marketing campaigns? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango discusses the five best practices for alcohol and SMS marketing as set out by the Mobile Marketing Association.


Video Transcription

Hey guys, Derek Johnson with here. Everybody loves alcohol and everybody loves text messaging, but when you put them together there are certain rules that you have to follow, especially as a business when you’re doing a SMS campaign. There are actually five different rules that you have to follow. I’ll go through each one of these step by step to make sure you’re in compliance for your business.

The first one: “Soft alcohol” is okay. So beer and wine, that’s completely fine.

Number two: “Hard alcohol” – the shots, the mixed drinks, things like that – you can only send SMS campaigns to places or to SMS campaigns that are verified. What that means is like a nightclub or a lounge that checks ID at the door, where you’re advertising inside the promotion or inside the venue, which this means that let’s say I’m a patron and I come in. I can’t see any advertising outside, but when I walk inside and my age has been verified, then I can opt in to the text message campaign. Then you as a business owner can send promotions about hard alcohol to me via text message.

Number three: No promotion of use. You can’t be like, “Hey, come in tonight to drink.” The MMA and the carriers, they just don’t like that.

Number four: No mention of over-consumption. This one is pretty obvious, but it’s worth saying. If you’re a nightclub, you don’t want to say, “Come in tonight and let’s get hammered. Take shots.” That’s something you don’t want to say in a text message. Again, you can talk about hard alcohol. You can talk about the deals that you guys have. You can’t mention the promotion of use or the over-consumption.

Number five: You can’t have alcohol prizes. You can’t say, “Come in tonight to win free beer or win free shots.” That’s against the rules too.

So there are five different rules that you have to follow when you’re combining alcohol with a SMS marketing. If you do these though, you’re going to protect your business and make sure there aren’t any problems down the road.

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