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CTIA Short Code Monitoring Handbook

Version Number 1.7 | Last Updated March 27, 2017


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The CTIA Short Code Compliance Handbook describes best practices for standard rate messaging services (SMS), multimedia messaging services (MMS), and free-to-end-user (FTEU) short code programs with the primary goal of providing the best customer experience for end users.

The CTIA Short Code Compliance Handbook is published by the CTIA, in an effort to protect consumers while fostering a competitive environment for short code programs. The CTIA aims to...

  • Provide consumers the best possible user experience when using short codes.
  • Honor consumer choices and prevent abuse of short code messaging platforms.
  • Deliver flexible short code guidelines that communicate compliance values clearly.
  • Enable the short code industry to self-regulate.
  • Facilitate short code enforcement measures, if necessary, to protect consumers quickly and consistently.

The CTIA Short Code Compliance Handbook guidelines lay the framework for achieving these goals, but CTIA reserves the right to take action against any short code program deemed to cause consumer harm.

The CTIA Short Code Compliance Handbook is not intended as a comprehensive guide to compliance with laws and regulations that apply to short code programs. Service providers are responsible for meeting legal requirements that apply to short code programs they offer, and CTIA and its members make no representation that meeting the guidelines in this Handbook is sufficient to assure legal compliance. Consultation with legal counsel is recommended strongly.

Wireless Carrier Requirements

Wireless carriers reserve the right to implement their own short code program requirements beyond the scope of this Handbook. However, all carriers have reviewed and accepted the Handbook’s content.

Download the Handbook

The CTIA Short Code Compliance Handbook is a very complex document, that covers many different short code use cases. In effort to help short code owners understand CTIA short code requirements, Tatango has done our best to condense this document into a format that is easily understood and digestible. If you're interested in download the CTIA Short Code Compliance Handbook in it's entirety, you can download any of the most recent versions below.