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Mobile Coupons

Create, distribute & track mobile coupons right within the Tatango software platform.

Tatango Feature - Mobile Coupon Generator

What's Included

The following is included with Tatango's mobile couponing feature.

Drag-n-Drop Coupon Creator

Tatango makes it easy to create your own mobile coupons, customized to perfectly reflect your brand, without any coding skills required. Use Tatango's drag-n-drop mobile coupon creator to whip up a variety of coupon types for any of promotional campaign.

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Tatango Platform - Mobile Coupon Creator
Tatango Platform - Send Mobile Coupons via Text Message

Mobile Coupon Distribution

Once you've created your mobile coupon, use Tatango's award-winning mobile messaging software to distribute it to consumers. Tatango's mobile messaging software supports sending coupons in SMS, MMS and RCS messages. 

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Single-Use Mobile Coupons

This coupon type is a mobile coupon that once activated by the consumer displays a one-time-use code, which is unique for every consumer. These unique codes can either be visual barcodes or text-only barcodes, and can easily be uploaded using Tatango's software.

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Timed Single-Use Mobile Coupons

This coupon type is a mobile coupon that once activated by the consumer is only valid for a set period of time. This is useful if you do not want consumers to use the mobile coupon over and over again. This coupon type also allows for insight into important coupon redemption data. 

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Limited-Time Mobile Coupons

Increase mobile coupon redemption rates by limiting the time one of your coupons will be available. Tatango's software allows you to customize the entire experience, from the amount of time that's available to redeem the coupon to what is displayed after time has run out. 

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Tatango Platform - Mobile Coupon Circulars

Mobile Coupon Circulars

Use one of our coupon circular templates to give consumers the ability to swipe through and preview a variety of your mobile coupon choices. Each mobile coupon in a circular can either be saved for future use, or redeemed on the spot.

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Mobile Coupon Sharing

Make it easy for consumers who receive your mobile coupons to share those coupons with their friends. Using Tatango's software, enabled coupon sharing gives consumers the ability to share your coupons via SMS, email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

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Tatango Platform - Mobile Coupon Sharing
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Multiple Barcode Formats

When creating a mobile coupon on Tatango, you can use any type of barcode format. Tatango supports many different types of barcodes, including UPC-A (1D), Code 128 (1D), Interleaved 2 of 5 (1D), QR Codes (2D), PDF417 Code (2D), Data Matrix (2D), and text-only barcodes.

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Mobile Coupon Reports

Tatango not only gives you the tools to create and send mobile coupons, it also provides you with the data to evaluate the success of each of your mobile coupons. This data is made available to you through the software, and can downloaded at any time.

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Tatango Platform - Mobile Messaging API - Messaging Analytics

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