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Mobile Messaging API

Use the mobile messaging API to integrate SMS, MMS and RCS messaging into any existing software or application.

Tatango Feature - Messaging API

What's Included

The following is included with Tatango's mobile messaging API feature.

SMS, MMS & RCS Messaging

The Tatango mobile messaging API gives you the ability to quickly and easily integrate messaging into any existing software or application. Tatango's messaging API supports SMS, MMS & RCS messaging.

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Tatango Platform - Mobile Messaging API - SMS MMS Messaging
Tatango Platform - Mobile Messaging API - 2 Way Messaging

Two Way Messaging

With the Tatango mobile messaging API, you can not only send SMS, MMS & RCS messages to mobile phone numbers, but also receive SMS, MMS & RCS messages from mobile phone numbers.

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Short Code Provisioning

Since 2012, Tatango has been a Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) top short code provider. As a top short code provider, Tatango is able to ensure a much smoother, shorter, and less expensive short code provisioning process for our API clients.

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Tatango Platform - Mobile Messaging API - Short Code Provisioning
Tatango Platform - Mobile Messaging API - API Documentation

API Documentation

Tatango provides developers with comprehensive mobile messaging API documentation, how-to guides, and sample code. We also provide agencues using the messaging API with access to a knowledgeable support team to help if additional assistance is needed.

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Phone Number Lookups

Tatango's mobile messaging API allows developers the ability to look up specific information about phone numbers. This information includes whether a mobile phone number is valid, which country it's provisioned in, and on which wireless network it's provisioned on.

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Tatango Platform - Mobile Messaging API - Wireless Carrier Lookup
Tatango Platform - Mobile Messaging API - Regulatory Compliance


Before using the mobile messaging API, Tatango will assist your agency in understanding how the regulatory environment of messaging applies to the use of the messaging API. This includes the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the CTIA, and the wireless carriers.

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Usage Analytics

Within the Tatango dashboard, developers can access detailed usage and cost data for messages sent and received through your account. Tatango also providers Administrative Controls, allowing multiple users to gain access to this information.

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Tatango Platform - Mobile Messaging API - Messaging Analytics
Tatango Platform - Mobile Messaging API - Messaging Throughput Speeds

High Messaging Throughputs

Tatango's mobile messaging API provides a high level of messaging throughput, allowing developers to send a high volume of messaging traffic through the API in a short amount of time. High messaging throughputs are critical for messaging scenarios where timing is critical.

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Tier 1 Aggregation

Tatango's mobile messaging API connects you directly to a tier 1 aggregator. Tier 1 aggregators have direct connections to the major wireless networks, ensuring a faster and secure messaging route for your messages.

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Tatango Platform - Mobile Messaging API - Tier 1 Aggregator

Available Features

The following mobile messaging features are available on the Tatango platform.

Messaging Workflows

Create virtually any type of messaging workflow with the click of a mouse.

Subscriber Segmenting

Hyper-target your messaging by sending to subscriber segments.

Subscriber Analytics

Easily track subscriber trends and visually display the data.

Subscriber Profiles

Subscriber profiles offer information about each of your subscribers.

Merge Tags

Dynamically insert a subscriber's information into any message.

Tatango Integrations

Connect your Tatango account with hundreds of powerful web services.

Developer API

Allows you to integrate Tatango into any existing software or application.

Messaging Automation

Send automated messages based on a wide array of subscriber events.

Messaging Analytics

See how many messages successfully sent, the click-through rate, etc.

Messaging API

Allows you to integrate SMS, MMS & RCS into any software or application.

Administrative Controls

Grant permission to Managers & Limited Managers based on access.