Platform / Developer API

Tatango Developer API

Sync data between your existing software or applications and Tatango.

Tatango Feature - Developer API

What's Included

Tatango's Developer API includes the following features.

Adding Subscribers

Add new mobile subscribers to your Tatango database using the developer API. These new mobile subscribers can be added to Tatango from existing software or applications, all with a simple API call to Tatango.

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Tatango Developer API - Adding Subscribers
Tatango Developer API - Updating Subscribers

Updating Subscribers

Use the API to update a subscriber's name, email address, zip code, etc. If a phone number exists in a mobile subscriber database, you can use the developer API to update the information about that specific subscriber.

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Exporting Subscribers

While Tatango's user interface allows you to export your subscriber database at any time, we also offer this functionality through the developer API.

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Tatango Developer API - Exporting Subscribers
Tatango Developer API - Sending Messages

Sending Messages

The Tatango developer API allows you to send a mass message to mobile subscribers without needing to login to Tatango. You can also use the API to send mass messages to a certain segment of a mobile database.

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Messaging Reports

Quickly query the results of a mass message sent using Tatango without needing to login to Tatango. After making this API call on a specific mass message, Tatango will return a comprehensive messaging report for that message.

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Tatango Developer API - Message Exports
Tatango Developer API - Webhooks


Webhooks can come in handy when syncing subscriber data between Tatango and existing software or applications. Tatango webhooks can be set up to be triggered based on a variety of mobile subscriber actions or events.

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