Platform / Administrative Controls

Administrative Controls

Complete control of who has access to your account, and how and what they can do.

Tatango Feature - Administrative Controls

What's Included

Tatango's administrative controls include the following feature.

Admin Permissions

Admins can view and manage all the account's messaging campaigns, as well as invite new users, change permissions, remove users and edit billing information.

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Tatango Platform - Administrative Controls - Admin
Tatango Platform - Administrative Controls - Manager

Manager Permissions

Managers at Tatango have access to everything an admin has access to, except permissions needed to manage users or access billing or API information.

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Limited Manager Permissions

Limited Managers on Tatango only have access to the specific campaigns they've been given permission to manage within the Tatango platform.

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Tatango Platform - Administrative Controls - Limited Manager

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Administrative Controls

Get complete control of who has access to the account, and what they can do.