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RCS Messaging

Suggested replies and actions, custom branding, and dynamic rich media are all available with RCS.

Tatango Feature - RCS Messaging for Business

Available RCS Features

RCS messaging on Tatango includes the following features.

RCS Verified Sending

RCS verified sending is the first line of defense in protecting consumers from phishing messaging scams. RCS messaging provides verified sending, ensuring that consumers feel confident that who they're messaging is actually who they say they are.

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Tatango Platform - RCS Messaging - Verified Sending
Tatango Platform - RCS Messaging - Custom Branding

RCS Custom Branding

With RCS custom branding capabilities, you can add your brand's logo to your messages and even customize the color of the messaging app when a consumer is messaging your brand. RCS messaging allows you to completely customize the messaging experience for consumers.

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RCS Rich Cards

With RCS messaging, businesses will be able to send rich, “app-like” experiences to consumers, all through the messaging app, without the need for consumers to open an additional mobile app.

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Tatango Platform - RCS Messaging - Rich Cards
Tatango Platform - RCS Messaging - Quick Replies

RCS Quick Replies

Consumers simply tap a Quick Reply button within the RCS message to automatically receive a precomposed response message. Quick Replies are unique to RCS messaging and provide consumers with an easier way to engage with your brand.

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RCS Suggested Actions

Suggested Actions provide brands the ability to create a new call, open maps, link to a web experience, or even deep link within a mobile app. You can even include multiple Suggested Actions within the same RCS message.

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Tatango Platform - RCS Messaging - Suggested Actions
Tatango Platform - RCS Messaging - Rich Media Content

RCS Rich Media Content

RCS messaging allows you to send full-width, rich media content, perfect for mobile coupons, boarding passes, loyalty cards, and event tickets. Rich RCS Media content can include images, videos or even GIFs.

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SMS & MMS Fallbacks

No matter what mobile device a consumer has, they're going to be able to communicate with your brand. If a consumer's mobile device doesn't support RCS messaging yet, Tatango provides both SMS & MMS fallback messaging capabilities.

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Tatango Platform - RCS Messaging - SMS MMS Fallback

All Tatango Features

Check out all the other mobile messaging features are available on the Tatango platform.

Messaging Workflows

Create any type of text message marketing workflow you can conceive.

Subscriber Segmenting

Send the right text message, to exactly the right mobile subscribers.

Subscriber Analytics

Easy-to-use, responsive, and web based tools to track subscriber trends.

Subscriber Profiles

With subscriber profiles, you get extensive insights into each subscriber.

Merge Tags

Personalize each text message for each of your unique mobile subscribers.

Tatango Integrations

Connect your Tatango account with hundreds of powerful web services.

Developer API

Allows you to integrate Tatango into any existing software or application.

Messaging Automation

Automate text messages based on a handful of different events.

Messaging Analytics

Track the success of every mass text message you send to subscribers.

Administrative Controls

Get complete control of who has access to the account, and what they can do.