Enterprise SMS Solutions for Marketing Agencies

Help Your Clients Growth Through SMS Marketing

Mass text message marketing has become the easiest & most profitable way that today’s top brands and political campaigns are communicating with subscribers… and your marketing agency can increase profits by offering these SMS marketing benefits to your clients. Marketing agencies report that it takes just minutes to set up Tatango’s business texting software for their clients, and it takes only a click of a button to send out segmented text promotions / MMS messages. All the setup can be set up by our team of texting software experts, so you’ll be able to get your sms short code and send texts for your clients in minutes.

Client Results + Retention = More Profits For Your Agency

With Tatango’s leading enterprise SMS marketing platform at your fingertips -- your marketing agency clients can reach over 100,000 subscribers per minute with promo codes, political donation links, custom MMS messages, QR codes, mobile wallet passes, contest giveaways, and various other text marketing promotions. When it comes to giving marketing agencies the ability to offer text services for businesses, there’s no better SMS software on the market.

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Send Targeted Text Promotions & Coupons

Send customized texts directly to subscribers, leads, and customers at a rate of 6 million messages per hour (at the lowest cost per SMS message in the industry). In a moment’s notice, you can...

  • Send mobile coupons or donation links to 100,000+ people per minute.
  • See over 90% of those texts opened within 3 minutes of hitting “send”.
  • Watch 4-5% of the people receiving your texts click the promo link provided in the SMS or MMS message.
  • Send a limitless amount of text promotions every month without any “overage” fees.

Increase Customer Loyalty & Retention

Text marketing has become the simplest “go-to” method used by today’s most successful businesses & political organizations to engage with their list. Now your clients can...

  • Keep subscribers in-the-loop regarding new products, services, and offers.
  • Run loyalty rewards programs and send text reminders when customers have stacked up rewards points.
  • Send personalized videos and GIFs to build a personal connection with your customers via MMS.
  • Use “Two-Way Texting” to give customers the opportunity to leave 5-star reviews for your business.

Quickly Increase Sales & Revenue

Build massive SMS subscriber lists for your clients by using a popup on their website or set up text a keyword phrase. All you have to do is…

  • Claim a vanity SMS shortcode for your clients with Tatango.
  • Let our team of experts help your team set up a campaign to collect mobile phone numbers for your agency client.
  • Segment your clients’ subscribers and send out custom text promotions.
  • Watch Tatango’s built-in text analytics software report to you how much revenue your client is making from every text sent.

What Types Of Businesses Are Enjoying The Benefits Of Text Marketing With America’s Leading SMS Software?

Tatango’s business SMS software is used by some of today’s most successful businesses, leading brands, and Fortune 500 companies. Tatango’s text marketing service is currently used across a variety of use-cases, including...

  • Ecommerce SMS Marketing
  • Retail SMS Marketing
  • Marketing Agency SMS Marketing
  • Restaurant SMS Marketing
  • Sports & Gaming SMS Marketing
  • Nonprofit SMS Marketing
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Tatango’s business SMS software is used by some of America’s most successful marketing agencies, leading brands, and Fortune 500 companies. This is because the business texting platform is designed specifically to drive and track ROI for businesses sending out text messages to customers.

Your clients can simply choose whichever they consider to be the best marketing CRM to manage lead and email data, while seamlessly integrating that CRM with Tatango to send out your SMS messages with a click of a button (no coding or complex “tech skills” required).

Want To See How Simple It Is To Use Tatango’s SMS Marketing Software For Marketing Agencies?