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Raise Nonprofit Donations Quickly & Easily With Mass Text Marketing

SMS marketing is the simplest, cheapest, and most reliable way to raise donations for nonprofit organizations. Whether you’re running a 501c3 or a 501c4 -- it takes just minutes to set up Tatango’s SMS mass texting software for nonprofits, and it takes only a couple clicks of a button to start collecting text donations for your organization. The tech setup will be done for you by our team of experts, so you’ll be able to get your campaign short code and start your nonprofit mobile fundraising campaign without adding any complex tasks to your busy schedule.

Reach Millions Of Donors, Supporters, & Volunteers (In Just Minutes)

What if you could share the mission and message of your organization with over 100,000 people per minute? This is easily possible for you today, because Tatango’s simple SMS and MMS software is designed & optimized specifically for the complex needs (and busy schedules) of nonprofit organizations looking to make a positive difference in the world. This is why some organizations that use Tatango are able to collect $5 in donations for every $1 they invest in text message marketing - and reach 6 million people per hour without any overage fees.

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Communicate Quickly

Send texts directly to donors, supporters, and volunteers at a rate of 6 million messages per hour (33X faster than all other SMS marketing providers). In a moment’s notice, you’ll be able to...

  • Notify 100,000+ people per minute about important events & updates.
  • See over 90% of your texts opened by loyal supporters within 3 minutes of hitting “send”.
  • Send a limitless amount of texts every month without any “overage” fees charged by other SMS marketing providers.
  • Guarantee text message delivery while always staying TCPA compliant.

Raise More Donations

Text marketing has become the simplest “go-to” method used by today’s most influential nonprofit organizations to request & receive donations. In fact...

  • Some organizations that use Tatango receive over $5 in donations for every $1 invest in sending texts.
  • Tatango seamlessly integrates with every fundraising CRM software platform on the market allows supporters to send text donations by tapping a link in your messages.
  • Tatango leads the industry when it comes to ensuring secure transactions & protecting every account / shortcode with top security.

Quickly Increase Sales & Revenue

Your message can now be seen, heard, and felt all across America - motivating millions to join your cause with one click of a button. With this communication tool at your fingertips, you can...

  • Keep supporters informed about current issues.
  • Connect your supporters to important policy-makers and government officials.
  • Send personalized videos and GIFs to build a personal connection with your supporters via MMS.
  • Use “Two-Way Texting” to give supporters the opportunity to share critical information back with your nonprofit organization.

What Types Of Nonprofit Campaigns Can Use This?

Tatango’s fundraising software is used by some of today’s most impactful small nonprofits and large nonprofits for mobile fundraising in the following areas:

  • 501(c)4 & 501(c)3 Fundraising
  • American Economic Development
  • National Parks & Museums
  • Church & Ministry Organizations
  • Political Fundraising (Presidential, Senate, Governor, PACs, Etc).
  • Environmental Awareness.
  • College Alumni Associations.
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Tatango has also been used by major U.S. Presidential candidates, along with many successful political fundraising campaigns -- because it is designed specifically to be the perfect awareness-driving & donation-driving engine for any small or large nonprofit organization.

You can now choose whichever you consider to be the best nonprofit CRM to manage data & donations while using Tatango to send out your SMS messages. All of your donation data seamlessly integrates between platforms in real time - no complicated “tech skills” required.

In nonprofit SMS messaging, speed matters as campaigns send messages based on real-time news events, national, and urgent announcements. With Tatango, your messages get out in minutes, not hours -- maximizing your political fundraising.

Want To See How Simple It Is To Use Tatango To Grow Your Nonprofit Organization?