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Some of our top clients using Tatango to build mass text message marketing campaigns.

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Tatango Reviews

Hear what top marketers like yourself have to say about working with the team at Tatango.

Natasha Jarmick

Publicis Groupe
“By having Tatango in our corner, we know we’ll be able to provide our clients a world-class text message marketing platform, in addition to the expertise and advice our clients require from our agency.”

Verified Reviewer

Capterra Review
“I work in fundraising -- and Tatango has yielded at least 200% ROI within the first month of investment. This is an exceptional addition to any fundraising program. Incredibly user friendly -- great visual previews.”

Erica S.

Capterra Review
“This product is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It's produced great results for growing grassroots organizations and driving fundraising for our clients. Would recommend!”

John T. Meyer

9Clouds Agency
“When selecting an SMS marketing vendor for our clients, Tatango stood out not only because their software is easy to use, but their industry expertise is beyond compare.”

Melanie Weitzner

“Tatango makes it easy for our clients to get their mobile apps in the hands of more customers. We’ve seen nothing but positive results from using their services.”

Heather Harrington

“The results we’ve seen from our Julep Mobile Insider Club have definitely opened our eyes to using SMS marketing to drive e-commerce sales.”

Jason L.

Capterra Review
“Easy to use with great customer service support. Tatango walked us through every step of the implementation and use process, making everything seamless!”

Katy Planamenta

Superfly Digital
"Tatango has provided us with an industry-leading text message marketing platform that is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Derek and his team are true partners, incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with."

Jenn Lovelace

Papa Murphy’s
“Tatango has provided us with an industry-leading mobile platform that is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Derek and his team are true partners, incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with.”

John M.

Capterra Review
“Tatango has an easy to use UI. We use it almost exclusively via API and we can do pretty much anything we need to via API since we are just using Tatango to send out SMS messages.”

Kristen Luidhardt

Prosper Group
“By partnering with Tatango, we’re now able to offer a full suite of text message marketing solutions to our clients. Not only has this helped us grow existing relationships with our clients, its also allowed us to win new business.”

Greg Hickman

Mobile Mixed
“The team at Tatango is hands down one of the smartest groups of SMS marketers I know.”

Michael E.

Capterra Review
“I really enjoyed the level of commitment of the Tatango team to make my campaign a success. Fantastic team to work with.”

Jennifer Motruk

Vucurevich | Simons Advisory Group
“The dashboard is very easy to use, the results are easily tracked, and the interface to getting text messages out is very efficient. Our Implementation Specialist was GREAT in guiding us through the setup process, and their insight and recommendations are really what made our campaign as successful as it was.”

Becky Ozuna

Big Red Soda
“Account management at Tatango means that I can leave our SMS marketing campaign in the hands of experts, allowing me to focus on the other areas of my job.”

Mayank M.

Capterra Review
“Interface is great, very user friendly and super easy to click around and get what you want. Ease of creating campaigns and then easy to monitor performance.”

Jane Park

“We always have high hopes for new marketing initiatives at Julep, and with the results we saw after launching our SMS campaign with Tatango, we’re extremely excited about continuing our SMS campaign and making it an integral part of our marketing.”

Christa M.

Capterra Review
“Love that Tatango focuses on SMS and is REALLY good at it vs. just being another add-on within a CRM or email service. They know what they're doing and the team provided helpful strategies to acquire and engage our customers.”

Chris Faddis

Focus Tank Creative
“The results of our text message marketing campaign speak for themselves when our client’s limited release movie makes it all the way to the number eight spot at the box office on opening weekend.”

Mark Hickman

TMP Worldwide
"Wow… I’m blown away by the text message marketing platform. It’s turn-key, easy, and very user-friendly. I’ve worked in digital marketing for many years now, and I’ve never seen anything like this before. I think it’s great. It’s no wonder Tatango is so successful."

Tessa W.

Capterra Review
"Tatango is fairly easy to use and has all the features most users will ever need. I also really like the blog they provide - lots of helpful tips."

Mariano DiFabio

“Great experience so far with Tatango software as we setup our client's text message marketing campaign. If you need text message marketing, they are the real deal.”

Daria G.

Capterra Review
“The staff is attentive, responsive and moves quickly on big or small requests. They are constantly looking ahead and prioritizing the most important part of text message programs.”

Stewart Kelpe

Desert Sun
“Not only did Tatango help us build a large database of customers' mobile phone numbers that we’ll be able to use for ongoing promotions, the initial text offer generated significant revenue for our company, far exceeding my expectations.”

Michael Elliott

Rocketdog Agency
“When it comes to helping our clients understand the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and how it applies to their text message marketing efforts, the team at Tatango are truly experts.”

Robert Willington

Swiftkurrent Agency
“Being TCPA compliant is important to our clients. Working with Tatango when setting up our clients' text message marketing campaigns means I can sleep easy at night and assure our clients that they're compliant.”

Gina H.

Capterra Review
“Easily the best text message marketing platform available. Tatango is easy to use, has super fast messaging and great features (like video messaging and A/B testing), and provides unbeatable expertise and support. The blog is full of good tips and information too.”

Bridgit D’Agostino

The 1010 Collective
"Our Tatango Strategic Advisor is always just a phone call away and a great resource for ideas, strategy and industry best practices while running our text message marketing campaign."