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Client Case Studies

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  • Mophie
  • FYE Logo
  • Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp Resort Logo
  • Julep
  • Chegg
  • Simply Fashion Logo
  • Pink Lily Logo
  • Seattle Sun Tan
  • Shopper Radar Logo
  • Harley Davidson Logo
  • Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union Logo
  • ACE Hardware Logo
  • Drunken Fish Restaurant Logo
  • Bond Auto Parts Logo
  • Quality Car Wash Logo
  • Seattle's Best Coffee
  • Sony Music
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  • Pilot Flying J
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  • Cumberland Farms
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  • Big Red Soda

Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about working with the team at Tatango.

Tony Owen

“I just sent you four juice pack pluses in black and four juice pack airs in black for iPhone 4 or 4s. Had to show my appreciation for the excellent customer support!”

Natasha Jarmick

Publicis Groupe
“By having Tatango in our corner, we know we’ll be able to provide our clients a world-class SMS marketing platform, in addition to the expertise and advice our clients require from our agency.”

Mark Mast

Bond Auto Parts
“Our Implementation Specialist at Tatango went above and beyond in setting up our SMS campaign. We used our Implementation Specialist to help our brand develop its SMS strategy, design our in-store advertisements, and make sure we were fully TCPA and CTIA compliant.”

John T. Meyer

9Clouds Agency
“When selecting an SMS marketing vendor for our clients, Tatango stood out not only because their software is easy to use, but their industry expertise is beyond compare.”

Laurie Rochotte

Sublime Cupcakes
“Tatango has offered our business a unique way to connect instantly with our customers. We’ve used the platform to increase sales on our slower days by offering exclusive promotions for our Cupcake Mobile Club members.”

Stewart Kelpe

Desert Sun
“Not only did Tatango help us build a large database of customers' mobile phone numbers that we’ll be able to use for ongoing promotions, the initial text offer generated significant revenue for our company, far exceeding my expectations.”

Jason De La O

Topping Events
"Tatango is the way to go. I diligently shopped around and went with Tatango because of friendly and prompt customer service and reasonable prices. I have not been disappointed and their service is spot on and reliable. Their software is intuitive and simple to use."

Heather Harrington

“The results we’ve seen from our Julep Mobile Insider Club have definitely opened our eyes to using SMS marketing to drive e-commerce sales.”

Adam Vinson

Scrubs Elite
“We have experimented with many forms of marketing over the past seven years, but SMS marketing through Tatango has been by far the easiest, most cost effective method of marketing we have ever seen, hands down.”

Katy Planamenta

Superfly Digital
"Tatango has provided us with an industry-leading mobile platform that is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Derek and his team are true partners, incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with."

Evah Thurman

V's Barbershop
"Tatango is the best kept secret in the SMS marketing industry."

Greg Hickman

Mobile Mixed
“The team at Tatango is hands down one of the smartest groups of SMS marketers I know.”

Jenn Lovelace

Papa Murphy’s
“Tatango has provided us with an industry-leading mobile platform that is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Derek and his team are true partners, incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Jennifer Motruk

Vucurevich | Simons Advisory Group
“The dashboard is very easy to use, the results are easily tracked, and the interface to getting messages out is very efficient. Our Implementation Specialist was GREAT in guiding us through the setup process, and their insight and recommendations are really what made our campaign as successful as it was.”

Jesse Chor

“Tatango and their team made the entire process of acquiring, provisioning, and deploying our dedicated short code a breeze.”

Jay Sachdev

“When selecting an SMS gateway, we were looking for reliability, high messaging throughputs and great support, and with Tatango we found all three of those things.”

Robert Willington

Swiftkurrent Agency
“Being TCPA compliant is important to our clients. Working with Tatango when setting up our clients' campaigns means I can sleep easy at night and assure our clients that they're compliant.”

Chris Faddis

Focus Tank Creative
“The results of our SMS campaign speak for themselves when our client’s limited release movie makes it all the way to the number eight spot at the box office on opening weekend.”

Michal Duncan

Senator Ted Cruz
“Tatango is a great tool for immediate calls-to-action and location-based marketing. When we need to activate the grassroots or we’re hosting a local event, we anticipate text messaging will be an integral part of our campaign strategy.”

Andrew M. Dedonker

Sorrento Hotel
“I never realized how powerful mobile marketing could be until I started using Tatango. Tatango has been the key component to keeping our guests engaged in the happenings of the Sorrento Hotel. In seconds I can reach the guests I want, when I want.”

Bridgit D’Agostino

The 1010 Collective
"Our Tatango Strategic Advisor is always just a phone call away and a great resource for ideas, strategy and industry best practices while running our SMS campaign."

Kathy Varner

Reset Games
"We thought setting up and learning how to use Tatango was going to be a full-day process. We were completely wrong. It took a few minutes to set up our text messaging campaign. That was it, we were ready to go. Even when it came time to send our first text message, it took less than a minute as everything was so intuitive."

Melanie Weitzner

“Tatango makes it easy for our clients to get their mobile apps in the hands of more customers. We’ve seen nothing but positive results from using their services.”

Becky Ozuna

Big Red Soda
“Account management at Tatango means that I can leave our SMS marketing campaign in the hands of experts, allowing me to focus on the other areas of my job.”

Jane Park

“We always have high hopes for new marketing initiatives at Julep, and with the results we saw after launching our SMS campaign with Tatango, we’re extremely excited about continuing our SMS campaign and making it an integral part of our marketing.”

Mariano DiFabio

“Great experience so far with the whole team at Tatango as we're setting up our SMS marketing campaign. If you need an SMS marketing solution, they are the real deal, trust me.”

Michael Elliott

Rocketdog Agency
“When it comes to helping our clients understand the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and how it applies to their SMS marketing efforts, the team at Tatango are truly experts.”

Jeremy Schwartz

Summit Series
“Tatango’s simple, easy-to-use interface allowed me to quickly and effectively alert our entire conference with news updates in seconds. The ability to preview each message in real time prior to sending was great in helping me craft the wording of each text.”

Olivia de Leon

ACME Bowling
“We’ve put a small amount of effort into Tatango and we’re already seeing great ROI. What an amazing marketing tool!”

J. R. Ruelas

Super Star Car Wash
“Our company was searching for a way to encourage our customers to join our VIP Club and have an easy way to receive coupons delivered right to their smartphones. Tatango lets us reach our customers quickly and send them money-saving coupons. This results in increased revenues for our company and creates customer loyalty.”

Andrew Way

Maverick Business Lifestyle
“The efficiency with which Tatango allowed us to communicate with attendees significantly enhanced The Underground’s reputation as a first-class, cutting-edge event. Brand enhancement as well as an amazingly effective and simple tool."

Larry Phillips

King County
“On the cutting edge of new media and connectivity, Tatango’s service has been a huge asset during our campaign for King County Executive. Their innovative philosophy symbolizes the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship here in Washington state.”

Jim Westover

Leisure Systems
"Text messaging has quickly become a critical channel for our franchisees to communicate with visitors at our park locations. The best part for me though is that with Tatango’s easy to use software, it requires very little support from us at corporate to enable text messaging for each franchisee."