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Why Political Campaigns Win Using Tatango’s SMS Marketing Software


In 2020, it’s undeniable how powerful text message marketing has become for political campaigns of all sizes. For every dollar invested in building and operating a texting program, campaigns net $20 in donations on average. Additionally, according to a 2018 Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Texting Report, people who received a text about voting were 1% more likely to turn out to vote.

In order for political candidates and organizations to get the most value possible out of text message marketing, it’s essential that they choose the right SMS marketing partner. Below are four features that your text message marketing software should have so your campaigns have the best shot at winning. Keep reading to learn how these four features accelerate results for political candidates and organizations, as well as how you can implement these features in your next political campaign.


What Is SMS Marketing Software?

SMS marketing software is software that allows political candidates and organizations to launch, manage, and optimize SMS marketing campaigns. An SMS marketing campaign occurs when an organization builds a list of subscribers who opt in to receive text messages, then sends them regular and recurring messages. Depending on the SMS software provider, features and functionalities can vary.

As the industry leader for the past 13 years, Tatango provides easy-to-use SMS marketing software and industry expertise to help organizations solve text messaging challenges. We enable political groups to build, manage, and launch various text messaging campaigns without requiring external resources or developer knowledge. And since the software is web-based, you can access it anywhere, anytime.


Create Highly-Optimized Messaging Using Tatango’s Segmentation

The first essential feature that you want your SMS marketing software to have is segmentation. Segmentation plays a key role in any text messaging campaign, especially in the political arena. We find that campaigns that utilize subscriber segmentation are more successful in terms of click-through rates, open rates, and donations. Tatango’s segmentation feature provides political campaigns the ability to create campaign-specific subscriber segments so campaigns can create highly-optimized messaging.


3 Ways Campaigns Use Segmentation to Win

1. Geo-Location Segmenting

On the campaign trail, location is important. Tatango enables campaigns to segment based on geo-location traits that can include a subscriber’s zip code, city, state, timezone, and more. For example, if a campaign was holding an event in a particular area, the campaign could segment and send a text message based upon a certain zip code. Or, if a campaign would benefit from flipping a state, a campaign could focus on one specific area and tailor text messages to that city, state, or zip code.

Tip: For a campaign to segment based on geo-location, a campaign must collect the information with the consent of subscribers. We recommend gathering the information of interest during the opt-in process. For example, after a subscriber texts a keyword to your short code to opt in, set an autoresponder to ask the subscriber to reply with their zip code as a double opt-in confirmation. We can easily help you set this up.

2. Custom Segmenting

Similar to geo-location segmenting, custom segmenting provides further customization based on the campaign’s use case. Instead of a zip code, city, or state, custom segmenting allows a campaign to segment based on custom information you have stored about your subscribers.

Because Tatango integrates with ActBlue and WinRed, we are able to process who has previously donated so you can text message accordingly. For example, by targeting non-donors, a campaign could optimize their messaging to increase the likelihood of donation. Or, a campaign could target previous donors, knowing that they might be willing to donate again.

3. Subscriber Action Segmenting

Subscriber action segmenting allows campaigns to segment based on subscriber actions. Subscriber actions can include if a subscriber has submitted certain information about themselves, how they opted-in, or if they’ve engaged with a message. This type of segmentation is useful for creating follow-up messaging for important text messages such as donation asks, volunteer outreach, and voter turnout. For example, a campaign could leverage action segmenting by sending a follow-up message to a subscriber after they’ve opened a message and haven’t acted.


Develop Automated Messaging Workflows to Collect Actionable Data

One of the most common ways we see campaigns struggle is due to the lack of actionable data by choosing a political campaign SMS software provider who doesn’t provide messaging workflow tools. A messaging workflow refers to the flow of responses between an SMS provider and subscriber. Tatango offers a messaging workflow that allows campaigns to create virtually any messaging workflow without any coding knowledge or experience.


2 Ways Campaigns Use Messaging Workflows to Win

1. Multi-Stage Workflows For Subscriber Data Collection

From single to multi-stage workflows, Tatango allows campaigns the freedom to create limitless types of messaging workflows with ease. Campaigns can use single or multi-stage workflows to guide a subscriber through a process that collects actionable information. For example, a campaign could collect information such as a name or ask a subscriber three questions about hot-button issues pertinent to the campaign.

2. Workflow Automations

Depending on the scale of your campaign, the ability to automate workflows will save your campaign an enormous amount of time. With Tatango, not only are you able to leverage multi-stage workflows, but Tatango can automate those workflows, so you can spend more time focusing on your next campaign text message.


Improve GOTV, Donation, and Volunteer Messaging Using Analytics

Operating a data-driven text message campaign is essential in improving your GOTV, donation, and volunteer messaging. If you can’t measure and easily access analytics to assess how your campaign functions, then you’re one step behind your competitor. The most successful political campaigns make data-driven decisions to optimize their campaigns fully. Gain insights and visually display subscriber data trends with our easy-to-use responsive graphing tools.

Customized Reports

Leverage our customizable reports and view data based on date ranges, total subscribers, new subscribers, lost subscribers. and changes in subscribers.

Exportable Reports

Present data to your team easily with exportable reports, anytime you want. Gain insights and visually display subscriber data trends with our easy-to-use responsive graphing tools.


Increase Donation Amounts Using Personalized Merge Tags

Personalization increases the likelihood of subscriber donations. In some cases, it can even increase the amount donated. How does this work at scale? Tatango provides a personalization feature called merge tags that enables campaigns to personalize each text message. The most common way that campaigns use merge tags is to include a subscriber’s first name in the message. Campaigns can also use merge tags to include a subscriber’s email address, state, city, zip code, or even custom subscriber data.

Below is an example of a personalized text message using merge tags:

“Hey Alex {merge tag, first name},

We’re asking for a $27 donation to fund the success of our campaign.

If you can donate, please visit the link below.


Thanks, Your Candidate


Tatango As Your Political Campaign Solution

It’s important to choose the right SMS marketing service for your political campaign; it’s a key factor in your campaign’s success. Tatango offers easy-to-use software and industry expertise to help political campaigns solve their SMS marketing challenges. Whether your SMS marketing campaign focuses on fundraising, getting out the vote, engaging with supporters, or organizing volunteers, Tatango’s platform helps political campaigns win through text messaging.

Ready to earn the vote? Get a step ahead of your competitors by utilizing the power of political text messaging.

Talk to an SMS marketing expert about our solutions, competitive messaging pricing, and experience in the political texting sphere.

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