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What To Send If Your Candidate Loses a Midterm Election

What To Send If Your Candidate Loses a Midterm Election

While it’s certainly not the outcome you hope for, if your candidate has just lost the midterm election, you’ll be busy navigating many questions and post-election communications. In the midst of it all, this is a crucial moment to connect with supporters.

In the past, supporters often didn’t hear from their candidate after a loss. At most, the candidate might give a concession speech. Today, candidates have an opportunity to connect with supporters on a more personal level with SMS text messaging.

In this blog, we share one thing you should send supporters when your candidate loses the midterms.

Send This Message If Your Candidate Loses Their Midterm Election

A heartfelt thank-you is the most important message you can send if your candidate loses the midterm election. Your supporters have given to your campaign in numerous meaningful ways as volunteers, donors, and more. A note of thanks can go a very long way. It doesn’t take much, but you can keep your supporters engaged with your candidate and message, even after an election loss.

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