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What to Expect in Your First Week With Tatango

What to Expect in Your First Week at Tatango

Today’s top political organizations, advocacy groups, and nonprofit organizations use SMS marketing to share information and updates, build supporter loyalty, and raise donations, and grow support for their mission.

SMS message marketing uses short message services (SMS) and multimedia messaging services (MMS) to send mass texts to specific audiences. Unlike other marketing channels, text messages have a 99% open rate, and 90% of messages are read within three minutes of being received. Text message marketing is the most efficient and cost-effective communication tool you can use to reach your supporters.

In this blog post, learn more about the benefits of using text messaging for your marketing strategy and the incredible benefits you can expect in your first week partnering with Tatango, the nation’s leading SMS platform for political organizations and advocacy groups.


Benefits of SMS Marketing

With 99% open rates, not only are text messages more effective than emails, data shows conversion rates can be as high as 45% for text message marketing campaigns. 

Another great thing about using text messaging is that it happens in real time on a massive scale. To share breaking news immediately, all it takes is the click of a button to send a message to thousands of people in seconds. 

SMS messaging is popular across all ages and demographics, not only in younger generations or among users who have internet access. The millennial generation uses their phones to send text messages 300% more than they use emails or make calls. And mobile users over the age of 55 send approximately 16 messages daily. 

Fundraising through text messages is also cost-effective. Statistics show 78% of consumers said text messaging was the fastest way to reach them. Some SMS software providers, like Tatango, integrate easily with political fundraising platforms. Plus, text messages make it easier for your supporters to donate through a direct hyperlink to your donation page. Supporters can donate to your cause or campaign with a simple tap on their phone screen. 

Another major advantage of using text messages is how easy it is to measure your success. With an SMS software provider like Tatango, measuring and optimizing your campaign is effortless, and those numbers offer helpful insights when the time comes to make decisions. 

What to Expect in Your First Week at Tatango


Benefits of Partnering with Tatango

You need a SMS software provider who knows the ropes and is reliable and secure. Over the past 14 years, Tatango has been the industry leader—pioneering from the very beginning of SMS marketing. We understand the challenges of running nonprofit and political campaigns, and we developed our user-friendly platform to help you navigate those challenges. 

What to Expect in Your First Week at Tatango

To make your decision easier, the following are six reasons why you should choose Tatango as your SMS partner:


1. Experience

Every political organization or advocacy group has different needs and goals. Tatango has been working in SMS messaging for more 14 years and has sent over 10 billion text messages to more than 50 million people. We’ve partnered with the top nonprofits and advocacy groups. We understand voter engagement, messaging frequency, and messaging content.


2. Segmentation 

The more information you have about your subscribers, the better your text message campaign results can be. The segmentation capabilities in the Tatango platform help you mobilize your subscriber list. Send messages to specific ZIP codes based on the issues your supporters care about or even based on donor history. 


3. Integrations

Fundraising tools are powerful vehicles for small-dollar donations when paired with text message marketing. Tatango integrates easily with all major fundraising tools so that subscribers can donate directly via your text messages.


4. Effective Fundraising 

Tatango enables supporters to donate to your campaign with the touch of a few buttons on their mobile phones. Tatango clients have reported an ROI of 500% in text message fundraising—$5 for every $1 invested. 


5. Messaging Speed

Nonprofit and political text messages must reach supporters when their energy is high—at an event, during a donation campaign, or following a big announcement. These are some instances when supporters’ enthusiasm peaks, and massive messaging speeds are essential. The Tatango platform can send around six million messages per hour, whereas, on other SMS marketing platforms, it could take hours for messages to reach supporters. See how quickly your entire list could receive a text with Tatango.


6. Security

Tatango’s technology gives you the edge on security. Tatango offers features such as secure sending, automated logout, and two-factor authentication to protect your data, campaign, and reputation.


What Happens Your First Week at Tatango

With Tatango, you’ve got a true partner. Our customer success team welcomes you during your first week and helps craft an SMS strategy based on your goals. From onboarding your team to launching your first SMS campaign, our customer success team will walk with you every step. 

Tatango also handles the short code provisioning process, so you can focus on bigger things. Rest assured, we follow all TCPA regulations (and help educate you on the nuances) to ensure your campaign is secure and in compliance with federal laws.

While your short code is being provisioned, which can take four to six weeks for approvals from the shortcode administration, we help you grow your database of phone numbers. By the time you start sending text messages, you can have thousands or millions of subscribers who want to donate, vote, or support your campaign. 

Then, it’s time to begin designing your text messages. We know creating and launching campaigns can be time-consuming and require a lot of hard work. With unlimited access to the Tatango Design Studio, you can start mapping out texts for your campaign on day one. Additionally, our in-house designers can help bring to life the visuals you’ve dreamt of for your campaign. 

Read more about what happens even in your first 24 hours at Tatango.


Let’s Win Together 

Having the right partner at your side is key to running a successful SMS marketing campaign. Tatango’s experience in text message marketing will help you launch engaging campaigns and achieve your goals. Schedule a call with one of our text marketing experts for a free demo and check out our website regularly for free resources on every aspect of SMS marketing. 

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