What Does Premium Text Messaging Mean?

Did you ever wonder what the term premium text messaging means? In this article, we give you an explanation on what this form of mobile messaging was used for, and why it has mostly become a thing of the past. Read on below to learn more, or, if you rather watch than read, then you can view our video about this topic here: https://youtu.be/I3s35yFBpPM

In December 2013, the decision was made by wireless carriers to stop the use of premium text messaging. As a result, this form of texting is no longer being used like it was before. Before December 2013, brands where able to attach charges to the text messages they send out to consumers. These charges then ended up on the wireless phone bills of those consumers.

Examples could be people who downloaded ringtones via text messages, or who signed up to a campaign in order to receive a “joke of the day” type of message. Such a “joke of the day” package could cost something like $9,99 per month, and this amount would end up on the mobile phone bill.

The method of charging customers for those kind of text messaging services eventually started to cause problems, because a lot of people did not pay attention to their cell phone bills that much, and, as a result, they were unaware of the premium text messaging charges.

Consumers got mad about the charges to their phone bills, and this got so bad that the wireless carriers eventually said no to premium messaging.

It should be noted that, since then, premium text messaging has not totally disappeared. Some campaigns still use it for things like political or non-profit donations that end up on the cell phone bill. However, the more spammy form of premium messaging is no longer in use.

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