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Warby Parker RCS Business Messaging Examples

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While standard SMS messaging is limited to 160-character messages, RCS messaging supports robust features like those you’d see on Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp on one platform. This new business messaging protocol even allows for tools like video chats and interactive media. Ready for a closer look? We’ve put together some Warby Parker RCS business messaging examples for you below.


What is RCS Business Messaging?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, a more powerful and varied format of messaging than traditional SMS messaging. RCS allows brands to communicate with consumers in a more rich and flexible way by using branded media and interactive tools. This can include things like viewable receipts, calendar suggestions, map updates, and QR codes. In 2020, 86% of smartphones are projected to be RCS-enabled, which will allow your brand to use this wide array of new tools in your messaging. Put simply, RCS gives you more tools, more options, and more flexibility.


Warby Parker RCS Business Messaging Demo

This video neatly demonstrates the RCS messaging sequence between a consumer of Warby Parker, a prescription eyeglasses company. Warby Parker lets the consumer customize their search by selecting lenses and style preferences.

The second video, below, shows a more comprehensive breakdown of the RCS interaction with Warby Parker. From an initial exploration of their Chat page (logo, brand name, terms and conditions) the consumer receives an immediate response upon starting the chat. The consumer is then prompted with options on a carousel. Links to the website and other forms of media are included in the RCS experience.


Warby Parker RCS Business Messaging Examples

If you’re more of a visual person (pun intended) check out the Warby Parker RCS examples via photos below.

The first image is the Chat page for Warby Parker. The page includes the Warby Parker brand name, terms and conditions, and logo. This is the starting point for any RCS sequence between a consumer and Warby Parker.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Warby Parker 1

Next is the first stage of the sequence. It presents Warby Parker’s opening message, and then prompts the user with a carousel of options. In this case, the consumer opted to “Take the Quiz”.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Warby Parker 2

The quiz in question is a series of images, questions, and prompts that is used to create a profile for the consumer’s style and product choices. This strategy is interactive and customizable, allowing the consumer to feel like the brand can cater to their specific needs and tastes.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Warby Parker 3

In addition to asking about which fit the consumer is looking for, the RCS Chat also asks the consumer which shapes and colors they like.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Warby Parker 4

At the end of the quiz, the consumer can make the choice to click on a link to the Warby Parker website, where the result of their quiz will be shown — which is, of course, a prescription glasses selection based on their given preferences.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Warby Parker 5

As you can see, RCS business messaging feels more like a chatbot experience than traditional text message marketing. To learn more about RCS business messaging, SMS messaging, or MMS messaging, contact our text message marketing experts at Tatango.

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