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Use Existing Donors to Grow More Donations With This Easy Hack

Use Existing Donors to Grow More Donations With This Easy Hack
One-time donations are essential for nonprofits, helping them reach specific fundraising goals or boost impact in the short term. But organizations need recurring donations to keep making a difference and maintain fundraising momentum. Reliable support makes long-term projects and goals possible. On average, recurring donors contribute
42% more than one-time donors. 

Asking supporters to enroll in recurring donations may be challenging for your nonprofit’s fundraising team for several reasons. Donors need to know your system is trustworthy and robust, able to handle each transaction properly and keep payment information secure. Plus, getting in touch with previous supporters is not always easy. Email spam folders and full voicemail boxes present roadblocks. However, there’s a fantastic way to stay connected with supporters and encourage safe and easy donations: SMS fundraising. 

How Text Marketing Revolutionizes Your Fundraising

Compared to other outreach and marketing options, text message fundraising rises above the competition. Fundraising emails have an open rate of just 20%, and most people are so used to TV commercials and online ads that they tune them out immediately. In contrast, SMS marketing regularly hits 99% open rates

Text fundraising is also excellent for encouraging recurring donations. Over the last year, we’ve seen a 205% increase in mobile-giving donations. With text fundraising, in addition to sending deadline reminders, donation links, and volunteer opportunities, your team can help set up repeating donations and send thank-you messages and updates with embedded videos and images. Building sustainable grassroots support is easy with a direct line of communication between your nonprofit and its supporters. 

Setting up a powerful text marketing campaign that helps streamline your donation process doesn’t require a hefty marketing budget. By partnering with an industry-leading nonprofit text platform like Tatango, your text-message options are flexible, low cost, and effective. Tatango works with you—no matter the size of your fundraising team or subscriber list—to fine-tune your messages for maximum effectiveness. With the right support and tools, your nonprofit team can increase recurring donors and achieve your fundraising goals. 

Challenges of Growing Your SMS Subscriber List

Expanding your subscriber list is vital for increasing recurring donations. With a larger subscriber list, each text message can significantly impact and increase the return on your outreach investment. But growing your list can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. 

Make sure your message is direct and compelling, calling supporters into action. Keep your mission at the forefront, and ensure your roadmap and goals are clear and actionable. Some nonprofits offer incentives such as extra updates and prizes (such as a T-shirt or sticker) for opting into the subscriber list.

You can also grow your list by promoting your text campaign on all your other channels, such as social media, or with posters, stickers, and at volunteer drives. Text messages make communication with your supporters easier than ever. Promoting your text campaign as a central part of your outreach will help ensure as many people as possible opt in and participate. 

Try This Easy Hack for Ongoing Donations

Without a doubt, recurring donations make a huge difference for nonprofits by providing ongoing financial support. While your communication style, encouragement, and incentives all play critical roles in your fundraising success, be sure you implement the following key step.

Integrating text fundraising on your website can help simultaneously maximize donations and expand your subscriber list. With a short line of code, you can connect your texting system to your online donation portal. Take this simple but very important step and watch your donations and communication with supporters grow rapidly.

When someone donates through your website, their information will automatically sync with your text subscriber list, requiring no additional steps. As the donor completes the form on your nonprofit’s website, their phone number will be added to your list. This hack makes it easy to connect with your donors and supporters and invite them to future giving opportunities. Whether you’re sending a note of thanks, offering ongoing updates, or encouraging recurring support, this added feature is sure to boost your fundraising.

Getting Started with Tatango

This integration is fast and effective with Tatango’s support, helping you take advantage of the industry’s best technology and automation tools. Instead of relying on donations from one-time interactions, you can use text messages to build lasting relationships. When facing all the voices competing for attention online nowadays, spreading your message and hitting your fundraising goals can feel impossible. But your texts can cut through all the noise and land directly in people’s messaging apps. Text marketing can help you connect with people and set up recurring donations for long-term success. 

Tatango has helped fundraising campaigns raise over 400 million dollars in donations since our founding in 2007. We would love to help you get started or rework existing fundraising efforts. Contact the experts at Tatango today to find out more.

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