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Time on Mobile Outpaces Newspapers & Magazines

Last week at the Paid Content Advertising Conference, Geoff Ramsey, the eMarketer CEO, gave some interesting statistics on the average amount of time adults spend with each type of major media. In terms of media consumption, TV reigns supreme—users spend just over 4 hours a day watching TV, while surfing the internet comes in at 2 hours and 35 minutes. View the full report here.

One of the most interesting statistics was that mobile came in third at 50 minutes a day, equaling the combined time spent with magazines and newspapers. It was also interesting to see Mobile’s dramatic growth since 2008, even surpassing newspapers in 2009. You can see a graph of the percentage of time spent with each media; mobile, newspapers and magazines below.

Do you spend more time on your mobile phone than you do with newspapers and magazines, or do you prefer traditional print media? Let us know in the comments section below.

Time Spent on Mobile Media Compared to Print Media(click image to enlarge)

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