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The Top 3 Messages You Need to Send After the Midterm Elections

The Top 3 Messages You Need to Send After the Midterm Elections

Your work isn’t done once the midterm elections are behind you. Continuing to connect with your supporters and providing them with opportunities to stay involved with your campaign or cause is essential, regardless of the election outcomes.

In this blog, we share three messages you can—and should—send after the midterms. Keep reading to learn more.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing for Your Political Campaign

Marketing and promotion methods and technology are constantly evolving. While telephone and email used to be two of the most effective ways to reach and connect with audiences, SMS text messaging is now a much more powerful tool. Its flexibility and efficiency can help your campaign accomplish more and reach more people in less time without sacrificing the quality of your message.

The average open rate for email newsletters is 22.71%, and the average click-through rate is just 2.91%. In contrast, 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them, and more than 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received. It’s an ideal channel for rapidly sharing time-sensitive promotions and information with thousands or even millions of people simultaneously. In October 2021 alone, over 5 billion text messages were sent. An additional 270 million went out in the days following the election. 

In addition to incomparable reach and speed, SMS and MMS marketing can uniquely foster a connection between a campaign and its supporters in a way that feels personal. A text message creates a direct connection with each recipient, unlike social media posts, where everyone sees the same message—if they see it at all, no thanks to ever-changing algorithms. 

Segmentation capabilities in text message marketing allow campaigns to further fine-tune their messaging and strategy by creating individual lists for subsets of subscribers, such as volunteers, donors, and supporters. With these customized lists, campaigns can message people based on information such as their location, interests, and donation history.

Three Messages You Need to Send After Midterms

Send these three text messages to strengthen your connection with your supporters and increase the likelihood of continued and future engagement.

  1. Thank Your Supporters

    Regardless of the election outcome, one of your first post-midterm texts to supporters must be a thank-you message. Donors, volunteers, and supporters played important roles in your campaign, so take advantage of list segmentation to send tailored messages to each group, thanking them for their individual participation.

    Learn how to send segmented mass text messages:

  1.  Highlight Your Supporters’ Impact

    Whether they’re volunteers who helped at voting centers or canvassed for you or donors who gave to election fundraisers, your supporters’ efforts had a meaningful impact on your campaign. Take the time to showcase their contributions, such as total donations raised or record-breaking voter turnout. Show them you recognize and value their participation in your campaign, and they will likely support your future efforts.

  2. Share Your Next Steps

    If the midterm outcome was favorable for your campaign, share what you’ll be doing in your new or continued role. Or, if the midterms didn’t go according to plan, share how you plan to move forward and ways they can participate and stay involved. There’s always work to be done.

The midterms may be over, but there are many opportunities to sustain engagement year-round. Stay connected with your audience, and they’ll be ready for what’s next. These three post-midterm text messages can help you do just that!

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