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The Problem with Social Networks

Group communication is becoming increasingly difficult with the current mobilization of the world. People are on the move, making it hard to correlate schedules and share information. Several group communication giants have emerged in the form of Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Facebook is currently the world leader with over 300 million users. Users can create group pages where members can post and view comments. Message strains can also be used to share messages within the group.

One of the problems facing web based social networking tools, is that people need to be on a computer, or using an Internet enabled phone with a social networking applications to view your post. Considering only 65 million Facebook users access the site from their phone, 235 million users are bound to the confines of computers. When considering there are currently more than 2 billion cell phones in the world, texting seems like a more viable solution to the group communication problem. Group texting through Tatango enables members to communicate instantly and seamlessly whenever and wherever they see fit.

When one considers the effectiveness of facebook as a procrastination tool, one would be less inclined to use it for group messaging. In essence, group members could potentially check their facebook for group updates and get sucked into hours of procrastination. This could detract from overall social production. Maximize productivity, increase effectiveness and mobilize your group by keeping them connected while on the go. Choose Tatango.

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