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The Most Overlooked Measurement Tool In SMS Marketing

When it comes to measuring the success of a text message marketing campaign, it’s very common for brands to track redemptions through a unique coupon code, or even a web link, but there’s one method that is highly overlooked in our opinion.

Is the suspense killing you? It’s actually pretty boring, but it’s highly effective and easy to measure. Ok, it’s time for the big reveal… It’s the phone call! Have you ever tried putting a call-to-action in your text message promotion, prompting the text message recipient to call the phone number to redeem the promotion? Need an example, check out how the Bellagio Hotel uses a phone number in their text message to get SMS subscribers to book accommodations right from their text message promotion.



Before you send a text message promotion to your SMS subscribers asking them to click-to-call, we recommend using a service like LogMyCalls, which can give you temporary phone numbers for each campaign, then provide you with the analytics about each phone number, such as how many calls, how long they lasted, etc. See below for some screenshots from LogMyCalls, and you’ll easily be able to see the immense amount of data that will be at your fingertips when you start tracking calls. How cool is that?

Call Tracking Analytics 2

Call Tracking Analytics


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