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The 10 Most Popular Tatango Blog Posts of 2013

If you’re new to the Tatango SMS marketing blog, you might be spending a lot of time trying to catch up with the 156 blog posts we wrote in 2013. Yea, that’s right… 156 blog posts, almost one every other day. That’s a lot of SMS marketing advice to catch up on, so we wanted to do something to make it a little easier for our newer readers. Below are the 10 most popular Tatango SMS marketing blog posts of 2013 according to unique pageviews. Enjoy!

1) Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Location Based Mobile Marketing Questions

To get answers to some of the most commonly asked location based SMS marketing questions, we reached out to our good friend Rip Gerber, the founder of Locaid, the world’s largest mobile location-based marketing platform, and the exclusive provider of SMS geofencing technology to Tatango.

2) SMS Open Rates Exceed 99%

According to a report commissioned by SinglePoint, it was found that text message open rates exceed 99%, and even more shocking is that 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received on the mobile phone.

3) Why Is A Text Message Only 160 Characters?

Have you ever wondered why a text message is limited to 160 characters? Well it’s actually a pretty unscientific reason, but let us tell you the story as to why our beloved text messages are only 160 characters.

4) 29 Mobile App Landing Pages Using SMS to Increase App Downloads

Are you creating a mobile app landing page on your website in hopes to increase app downloads? If so, you’re not alone. Some of the worlds largest brands have created mobile app landing pages on their websites to increase the amount of people that download their app.

5) 20 Examples of Websites Advertising Their Text Messaging Campaigns

To inspire you, we’ve put together this blog post to highlight how 20 large brands are using their websites to advertise their text messaging campaigns. Enjoy!

6) Dunkin’ Donuts SMS Promotion Increases Store Traffic 21%

Learn how Dunkin’ Donuts increased in-store traffic to their Boston locations by 21%, and in the process gained 7,500 new SMS subscribers opting in to receive Dunkin’ Donuts text message promotions.

7) Jack In The Box Offers Free Tacos to Join SMS Marketing Campaign

Want to grow your SMS subscribers? This blog post explains how Jack In The Box is using free tacos to encourage customers to opt-in to their SMS marketing campaign. This SMS marketing campaign capitalizes on the fact that 44% of consumers are willing to provide personal information like their mobile phone number, in exchange for a reward, coupon or deal, like free tacos. The best part is that even with an attractive offer like free tacos to encourage customers to opt-in to their SMS marketing program, we’ve found that on average 97.7% of those customers will remain subscribers even after receiving the initial promotion.

8) Tanning Salon Text Messaging Campaign Generates $196,000 In First 30 Days

Are you looking for a good text message marketing case study? If so, you’re in luck because recently Seattle Sun Tan launched their salon text messaging campaign, and in just the first 30 days generated almost $200,000 in new revenue. The best part about this story is that Seattle Sun Tan didn’t have an existing database of customers’ mobile phone numbers, which means they grew their subscriber database from zero to 4,774 in only a month.

9) New TCPA SMS Marketing Laws Drive Entire Industry To Insanity

While we’ll never know if Target actually needed to re opt-in their entire SMS subscriber database, or they were mislead to think they needed to, this set off a chain reaction with other brands, much like lemmings running off a cliff to their death following the lemming in front of them. You can see some of the brands below that followed Target’s example and started to re opt-in subscribers, with many I’m assuming not even reading the TCPA, just following the lemming in front of them.

10) Three Stupid Mistakes Brands Make When Sending Text Messages to Customers

No business likes to be involved in a class action lawsuit, and without in-depth knowledge of the Papa John’s lawsuit, or the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, I can see why any marketing director would be hesitant to start sending text messages to their own customers. Thankfully for you though, I do have in-depth knowledge of the Papa John’s lawsuit, and understand the Telephone Consumer Protection Act better than anyone in this industry, and I can tell you there’s no reason to delay a text messaging campaign because of any of the pending text messaging lawsuits.

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