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Text Messaging Still Most Popular Activity on Smartphones

Text Message Marketing Statistics 2014

With mobile phones become smarter and smarter each year, you’d think consumers would be using text messaging less and less, as sending a text message is relatively simple, when compared to all that a smartphone is capable of. Not true according to Experian’s new report titled Millennials come of age: ConsumerSpeak Series, which ranks text messaging as the #1 activity for smartphone users 35 years and older.

What about Millennials though, as those are the consumers of the future right? Text messaging ranks as the #2 most popular activity by smartphone users, just under talking on their phones.

What’s interesting is that not much has changed since 2011, the last time we saw a report similar to this.

The data above is based on the Fall 2013 Simmons® National Consumer Study (NCS), which is a comprehensive survey of 23,689 U.S. adults measuring in-depth consumer lifestyles, attitudes, brand preferences and more providing marketers with a complete view of the consumer.

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