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Text Message Marketing I Top 6 Benefits

Are you already using SMS marketing? If not, then let us convince you of its perks. Read this article to learn the top 6 benefits of text message marketing.


1. The Highest Open Rate of Any Marketing Channel

The first major benefit of text message marketing is its 99% message open rate. Forget about Facebook or email, because no other marketing method produces such a high open-rate. It is almost a guarantee that someone will open a text message from a brand.


2. Consumers Are Eager to Read Their New SMS Messages

Besides the very high open rate, brands also benefit from the fact that consumers open 90% of the marketing text messages that they receive within a time span of only 3 minutes. This clearly shows that consumers are eager to read what brands have to say to them.


3. SMS Is a Ubiquitous Customer Communication and Marketing Method

Another great benefit of text message marketing is that, in these modern days, every mobile device is able to receive an SMS message, no matter the wireless carrier it is on. This makes text message marketing a ubiquitous customer communication and marketing method.


4. All Consumer Messages End up in the Same SMS App

Benefit number 4 is a big one as well, because text message marketing messages end up in the same place as the messages from family members and friends. All of these messages go to one SMS app, which increases the chance that consumers open and read the messages that they receive from brands.


5. Consumers in the United States Don’t Receive Text Message Spam

Then there is the fact that consumers never receive any text message spam in the United States. This helps to keep the SMS open rate at 99%, and people will keep reading their messages within 3 minutes of receiving them, because they know the SMS will not contain any spam content.

There is no text message spam in the United States because a very strict federal law, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), prevents brands from sending unwanted messages to consumers.

If consumers do receive a spam message from a brand, then they can sue that brand and claim between $500 and $1.500 per received spam message. These fines can become very high and problematic for brands, so they refrain from sending out unwanted messages.

As a result, marketers benefit from the fact that text messaging is a very clean method of communicating with customers. Consumers only receive messages if they give their consent for it, and they will therefore be genially interested in what a brand have to say in their messages.


6. Being Able to Measure SMS Campaign Results

The last benefit we like to talk about in this article is the fact that text message marketing is a very measurable channel. Since SMS messages can include elements like click-to-call phone numbers and links, a brand is able to track the success of its messaging campaign. Other ways of measuring are studying the open rates of messages or messaging unique coupon codes that consumers can redeem at a point of sale.


Consider Starting Your Own SMS Campaign

After reading about the top 6 benefits of text message marketing, we hope that you feel extra motivated to look into this effective mobile marketing method because these benefits can significantly increase your brand’s revenue.

If you like to talk with someone from our sales or support team about the possibility of setting up your own SMS campaign, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via this contact form.

Furthermore, also have a look at the Tatango YouTube channel. On this channel, you find over 400 videos that teach about text message marketing.

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