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Text Message Marketing Tips for 2020

Tatango has 12+ years of experience with SMS marketing. Tap into our messaging knowledge by reading the article below, which gives you 4 text marketing tips for 2020. With the help of these tips, you will be able make your brand’s SMS campaign even more successful.


1. Always Follow Text Message Marketing Rules and Best Practices

Following the rules is one of the most essential things you need to do as a text message marketer. These rules are split into two categories, which are the federal law and best practices.

Let’s start with the federal law part, which is the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). This law dictates that brands and other organizations cannot send messages to people who haven’t given their consent to receive them. Sending messages without the consent of the receiver is a spamming offense.

Brands that send out text message spam can get involved in lawsuits that require them to pay between $500 and $1,500 per unwanted message. This can be a hefty sum to pay if that number of unwanted messages is substantial, so it is obvious that you never want to violate the TCPA federal law.

Besides the TCPA, there is also the CTIA, which is an organization that, together with all the wireless carriers, looks at the short code rules and regulations. A short code is a phone number with 5 to 6 digits. Brands use it to send and receive marketing-related text messages.

Violating the rules of the CTIA and the wireless carriers is also a really bad idea, because it can lead to a suspension, or even a shutdown, of your brand’s short code.

When you trigger a short code suspension, your SMS marketing campaign becomes useless. That is why you always want to follow the text message marketing rules, because the consequences of not doing so are pretty bad.


2. Offer Opt-In Incentives for New Sms Campaign Subscribers

The second tip is to always offer an opt-in incentive for new SMS campaign subscribers. By doing so, your list will grow faster.

Offering an opt-in incentive means that you encourage someone to subscribe to a campaign by giving that person some kind of offer, Like a promotion, a discount, a coupon or a gift, in return.

In order to receive an offer, consumers needs to join your text message marketing list and give up their mobile number. By offering an incentive instead of just saying something like “please join our text message alerts program”, you can grow your list much faster.

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3. Always Offer Valuable Content to Your Subscribers

Tip number three is the recommendation that you always send unique and valuable text message offers to your subscribers. Those subscribers provide their phone number, so, in return, they want to receive messages that are of value to them in terms of brand related information.

Examples of valuable SMS content are offers, tips, advice, or text message coupons. Whatever the content of the text is, it needs to be so compelling that someone actually wants to open and read the message.

Besides being of value to subscribers, it is also very important that your message content is unique. What is written in the message should not also be promoted on, for example, billboards, television, or social media.

Make you subscribers feel special. Text message marketing has a 99% open rate, and a mobile phone number is one of the most valuable and private information you can collect from a consumer. It is therefore important that you always send out your most unique and attractive offers via text messages.

Subscribers do not want to receive any information that non-subscribers are also able to see. By giving them unique offers and deals, you make sure that people stay subscribed to your campaign.


4. Measure the Results of Your Text Message Marketing Campaign

The fourth and last tip that we want to give is to always measure the results of your SMS marketing campaign. With text message marketing, there are a lot of results you can measure.

For instance, you can track clicks, or do a check on how many subscribers are responding to your messages. Based on what you find out by measuring the success of a campaign, you can make adjustments and try out other things.

Always find out what works, and then build on that success while you get rid of the things that do not work. The only way you can do this is by taking the time to measure the result of each message that you send to subscribers.


Become an Expert in Text Message Marketing

So those are the top 4 tips that we’ve learned during our 12+ years in the text message marketing industry. If you like to have more advice about SMS marketing, then also make sure to check out the Tatango YouTube channel, or get in contact with our support and sales representatives.

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