Text Message Marketing: Sending More Than 160 Characters

Text Message Marketing - Sending More Than 160 Characters

Text message marketing is limited to 160 characters, but what if you need more than 160 characters to get your message across to your mobile subscribers? How do you send more than 160 characters in a text message marketing message?

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If you need to send more than 160 characters, you’re actually not going to want to send a text message, you’ll want to send an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) message. While the majority of brands will use MMS messages to send images, GIF’s, and even videos, did you know that with an MMS message, you can have up to 500 characters of text? It’s true!

What’s even better is that with MMS marketing, you can include some type of media content (image, GIF or video), in addition sending up to 500 characters of text. While most brands will use an MMS message to send both longer text, and media content in the same message, it’s not required, so the MMS message can be just plain text if they want.

As with a SMS message, an MMS message can include hyperlinks, and even click-to-call phone numbers. It’s also important to remember that iOS 10 will display hyperlinks differently, depending on how and where they’re put into a message, and this applies to both SMS and MMS messages. For more information on this topic, check out this blog post.

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