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Text Message Marketing News Roundup: Oct 17 – Oct 23

Text Message Marketing News Roundup: Oct 17 – Oct 23
A weekly roundup from October 17th to October 23rd of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on text message marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!


Text Message Marketing Industry News:

Insurance Broker Turns To Picture Messaging
Van insurance broker Autonet Insurance is working with mobile marketing and communications firm Txtlocal to enable its customers to send proof of their No Claims Bonus (NCB) via picture messaging or email. Autonet says the move will save its customers the time and expense involved in sending their proof of NCB in the post.

Sybase 365 and Yoigo Launch Registered SMS
Sybase 365 has partnered with mobile operator Yoigo to launch Registered SMS, which enables companies to send customers confirmation text messages that have the same legal standing as registered mail in Spain.

Email, SMS spam complaints rise six-fold
The telecommunications regulator says complaints about spam advertising email have risen following its increased focus on consumer issues.

CTIA’s SMS short code auditing: A playbook to kill US mobile innovators?
CTIA, acting on behalf of the carriers, has issued dozens of alleged violations against Ez Texting’s use of its short codes. Why? Violations by our clients of nonsensical, often contradictory, and ever-changing Consumer Best Practices promulgated by the Mobile Marketing Association.

Microsoft shows ‘touch screen’ for any surface
“We wanted to capitalize on the tremendous surface area the real world provides,” said Hrvoje Benko of the Natural Interaction Research group at Microsoft.

Ford Vehicles Will Now Read You Text Messages While You Drive
Ford is installing a feature in its new vehicles — and many of its older ones — that can read text messages out loud.

Seen on the Mobile Scene – Bud Light’s Ultimate Fan Experience
In order to provide fans with new ways to interact with the NFL, Bud Light has created NFL-themed Snap Tags to be displayed on cases and point-of-sale materials as part of the brand’s ‘Ultimate Fan Experience.’ Fans are encouraged to simply snap a picture of the tag with their mobile phone and text it to short code 95871.

Zoove Raises an Additional $5M for its “StarStar Codes,” Total Investment Now $20M
Zoove today announced that it’s raised a new $5M round of funding for its “StarStar Codes,” an alternative to SMS calls-to-action. The new round of funding came from Rogers Ventures and will be used to strengthen its US operations, according to the company.

33pc of consumers interested in joining mobile loyalty program
However, respondents showed a willingness to join mobile customer relationship management or loyalty programs for their favorite brands. In fact, 33 percent would be interested in joining such a program, but only 12 percent currently participate in one.

Malicious QR code campaigns threaten legitimate marketers
The growing popularity of QR codes among consumers and marketers has caught the attention of cybercriminals, with several malicious campaigns popping up recently.

Physicians’ Use of Text Messages Sparks HIPAA Compliance Concerns
Brad Brooks, president and co-founder of TigerText, said that more than 70% of physicians use text messaging to communicate with other health care providers about patients.


Tatango SMS Marketing News:

Tatango Turns Four and Sends 200,000th Campaign
Wow, has it been four years since we launched Tatango already? I guess what they say about time flying by while you’re having fun is true. We are proud to have made it this far, and couldn’t have done it without all of the help from our employees, investors, advisors, and customers.

What is Tatango?
Even after four years, we still get asked all the time, what is Tatango? In short, Tatango is a text message marketing platform that allows businesses the ability to send text messages to their customers.

Mobile Messaging Tops Mobile Ad Spending
Good news, mobile messaging takes the largest piece of the mobile ad spending pie, accounting for $327.3 million in spending in 2010 and $442.6 million in 2011. Bad news, mobile message spending is overtaken by both mobile search and banners in 2012 as smartphones gain market penetration.

Where Are You Guilty of Text Messaging [INFOGRAPHIC]
It seems nowadays that everyone has their mobile phone with them at all times, but how many are text messaging while at work, on a date, or even in the bathroom? To find the answer, Tatango surveyed 500+ Americans and asked them where they were guilty of text messaging.

Tatango Customer Spotlight: Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Oh yes, for sure. If it works for us, it will work definitely for the coaches. I would encourage all coaches—whether they are in youth, high school, or even college sports to start mass text messaging their athletes. With mass text messaging, you are guaranteed that everyone gets the message, simple as that.

10 Text Messaging Rules for Dating
Don’t break up with someone over a text message, it’s immature and cowardly. I realize most people would rather have their arm cut off than tell someone face to face that they’re not feeling it anymore, but never text someone saying it’s over. You’ll be respected more if you end it in person.

Size Does Matter… in SMS Marketing
Take for example Chick-fil-A in Triangle Town Center, who used another SMS marketing provider, allowing them to send more than 160 characters, then breaking up the text message into multiple messages. You can see their message on the left below. With a little tweaking, I was able to take their SMS message of 178 characters down to 157 characters.


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