SMS Marketing Statistics

Text Message Campaigns Most Successful

An interesting study has been released by the Direct Marketing Association that directly relates to the use of Tatango for commercial purposes such as marketing. We have embedded a few choice statistics below to show the effectiveness of text message marketing. To find out more about the study, visit here. If you are looking to utilize text messaging for marketing purposes, be sure to upgrade to a Tatango Pro account to take advantage of the many features that Tatango offers for businesses.

It also happens to be the most successful mobile advertising medium, according to a recently released report by the DMA. Of the 800 U.S. mobile phone users surveyed, 70% said they had responded to a marketing text message whereas just 41% had responded to a survey and 30% to email offers.

In addition, mobile phones are usually turned on and are to hand, which could explain why the average time it takes for a text message to be read is just 15 minutes.

The category that attracted the biggest response by far was for entertainment/music/video products with 44% of users responding. Twenty-one percent responded to food and beverage offers, 15% to beauty products, 12% to consumer electronics and 12% to travel, found the DMA’s research.

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