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Text Message Advertising to College Students

Text Message Advertising to College Students

According to a Wilkes University study of 269 college students, representing 21 majors, and all class levels, 91% of college students admitted they have used their phones to text message during class (tweet). An even higher 95 percent of students bring their phones to class every day.

The study also found that almost half said it’s easy to get away with text messaging during class without their instructor noticing. What’s even more shocking is that 10% of college students said they’ve sent or received text messages during exams. Either college students really have important things to text message each other, or they are addicted to text messaging.

With the average 18-24 year old sending and receiving 1,299 text messages per month, which is more than the amount of voice minutes used, we think it’s a serious addiction.

Are you a business that wants to attract college students? If you aren’t communicating with college students through text message advertising, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to reach this demographic anytime, anywhere, even in the classroom.


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