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Tatango vs. EZTexting (Why Tatango Wins for Political)

Tatango vs EZTexting

Choosing the right SMS marketing platform is vital to the success of your text message marketing campaigns. While every SMS marketing platform sends text messages, most platforms specializes in different industries, clients, features, and functionality. A text message marketing provider that’s great for one organization simply might not be the best fit for another.

Our goal at Tatango is to ensure that all organizations have the right tools, resources, and technology to create effective SMS campaigns and get the best possible ROI on their investments. In fact, some of our clients see $5 back in donations for every dollar spent with Tatango. To help you determine which text message marketing company is the best partner for your company, we have built the Ultimate Comparison Guide to Tatango vs. SimpleTexting.


About Tatango

Tatango has been a leading text message marketing platform for political groups and organizations for more than 13 years. Through Tatango’s political SMS marketing platform, political groups, candidates, and advocacy organizations can quickly increase donations, inspire voter turnout, acquire the mobile phone numbers of their most loyal supporters, and be the first to share breaking news from the campaign trail.

With Tatango, politicians can also segment messages by subscriber location or interest, create automated text message campaigns, send and up to 5,000 characters per message, and access detailed reports to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. Tatango is a premium partner of the Common Short Code Administration, providing the following types of messaging services:

sms marketing merge tags segmentation


About EZ Texting

EZ Texting is an SMS marketing software company that provides business texting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. EZ Texting provides group and mass texting options as well as one-on-one chat features. They describe their mission as empowering small and midsized businesses to confidently grow and retain their customers through their texting platform.


Tatango vs. EZ Texting

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about each SMS company, let’s take a closer look at the core differences so you can determine which platform is right for you.

Tatango vs. EZ Texting: Short Codes

One significant difference between Tatango and EZ Texting is the type of short codes their clients can use. At Tatango, we recommend that our clients utilize dedicated short codes. We do this for multiple reasons.

Dedicated short codes

First, a dedicated short code gives you complete control over your phone number, which is especially important with political candidates and organizations. If multiple politicians use the same shared short code, you have no control over which other politicians or brands also use your same short code. This can create conflicts of interest between parties and causes. You also have no control over whether a brand uses the number nefariously and gets your text messaging shut down alongside them. As of 2020, most wireless carriers no longer provision the use of new shared short codes.

Secondly, because politicians frequently promote their short code on podiums, campaign buses, yard signs, and commercials, a short code like 12345 is easy for people to remember as your campaign’s phone number. You want total ownership of your political campaign, and shared short codes are a great way to achieve this.


Shared short codes

Because EZ Texting works with many small and medium businesses, they allow clients to use shared short codes. This might not be as big of a deal for smaller companies who aren’t running national campaigns where the slightest blunder is posted everywhere.

In this case, because thousands of companies can use the same shared short code, keywords are of particular importance. Keywords help you run your specific campaign on the shared short code. For example, consumers might text in DEALS to 54321 subscribe to your list, whereas consumers could text in another keyword like SAVINGS to 54321 to subscribe to another brand’s list—both on the same number.

Depending on your organization’s needs and the gravity of your brand reputation, you might be fine with shared short codes or prefer to go the dedicated short code route.


Tatango vs. EZ Texting: Security

Because Tatango works primarily with political groups and organizations, many of our platform features and functionality revolve around security. Tatango has a number of protective protocols in place (e.g. two-factor authentication, secure sending, etc.) to ensure that political SMS campaigns don’t get into the wrong hands.

With EZ Texting, security is also important to ensure your subscriber data is safe.

Regardless of which SMS platform is right for you, ensure your SMS partner is versed in TCPA compliance and regulations like written consent so you aren’t at risk of illegally collecting subscriber phone numbers—or being served with costly TCPA lawsuits.


Tatango vs. EZ Texting: Messaging Speed

Because time is of the essence in elections, Tatango is designed for clients who need to send a large volume of text messages as quickly as possible. News changes fast in politics, and you want your followers to hear the news from you before anyone else.

Every vote and dollar matters in close elections, so you must be able to get your SMS messages out quickly when approaching fundraising goals or election deadlines. Tatango is built so our political clients can send 100,000 texts per minute—that’s 6 million text messages per hour! Many political groups have millions of subscribers, so Tatango’s SMS marketing platform handles high volume with ease.

Now, you may not need these speeds if you are a small to medium-sized business. In these cases, timing can be more flexible, so efficiency isn’t always as critical. While small businesses are equally essential to a thriving America, most small businesses don’t have breaking news that spreads like wildfire, and they rarely face critical election and fundraising deadlines.

However, if you have a large volume of subscribers or need messages to reach your followers promptly, ensuring the platform can accommodate that volume is a vital detail to evaluate with any platform you’re currently considering.



Tatango vs. EZ Texting: Customer Service

While we can’t speak on behalf of the inner workings fo EZ Texting’s customer service team, we’re big fans of their organization for small to medium-sized businesses.

For political groups and nonprofit organizations, however, Tatango provides a dedicated success manager for every client. Political organizations face a variety of challenges, from security to efficiency and reliability, and Tatango’s customer success team is well versed in each of these areas. We pride ourselves on being responsive and available for anything our political clients need. But don’t take it from us—as one client said, “It’s easy to reach the executives. You don’t get that with every company.”

Raising Political Donations Using Tatango 1


Let’s Talk Political SMS Marketing

Those are just a few of the comparisons between Tatango and EZ Texting. For a full comparison guide on our feature sets and how we can best work with your organization, check out our Ultimate Comparison guide!

If you have any questions on how we can help your organization, our dedicated team of professionals is here to answer questions and help our clients succeed within their SMS marketing efforts. If you’re interested in a product demo or have additional questions about Tatango features and how they compare to other SMS marketing providers, we’d love to chat with you.

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