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Tatango vs. EZTexting (Why Tatango Wins)

Mar 19, 2021

tatango vs ez texting for sms messaging

Choosing the right SMS marketing platform for your text message campaigns is key to success. Our goal at Tatango is to ensure that our clients have the right tools, resources, and technology to create compelling SMS campaigns and get the best possible ROI on their SMS marketing investment. (It’s why some of our clients see $5 back for every dollar spent with Tatango.)

When deciding on the right platform for your organization, the first step is to outline your needs and the components of that technology that are most important to you. Outlining your non-negotiable capabilities will help you ask each service provider the right questions and allow you to make the best decision for your budget.

The next step is to start shopping around—that means demos, on demos, on demos! Once you’ve tried several products, do your due diligence on the SMS software to ensure that what the sales staff has presented is exactly what you need and will help you attain your SMS marketing goals.

At Tatango, we want to ensure every client gets the technology, service, and support they need. To help you determine which solution is the best fit for your organization so you can make an informed decision, we’d like to share some differences between our platform and EZ Texting.


About EZ Texting

EZ Texting is an SMS marketing software company that provides business texting solutions to small and medium-sized companies. EZ Texting provides group and mass texting options as well as one-on-one chat features. Their vision is to activate every business’s customer engagement superpowers through smart communication technology, and their mission is to empower small and midsize businesses to confidently grow and keep their customers through their innovative texting platform.


About Tatango

Tatango is an SMS marketing software that has been an industry leader for over 13 years. The Tatango platform is built for marketers, making it simple and easy to use. The platform is a CSCA premium short code partner and provides the following types of messaging services:

  • Enterprise SMS marketing
  • SMS messaging
  • MMS messaging
  • RCS messaging

Tatango partners with political and nonprofit organizations to help build mass text message marketing campaigns. Tatango is a fast and reliable solution with a robust API that offers a wide range of third-party integrations, ensuring your marketing efforts are seamless.


Tatango vs. EZ Texting

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about each company and determined that they’re pretty similar on the surface, let’s take a deeper look at the differences between them. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision so you can create the best SMS marketing campaigns for your customers.

Tatango vs. EZ Texting: Short Codes

One significant difference between the Tatango and EZ Texting platforms is the type of short codes their clients can use. At Tatango, we recommend and require that our clients utilize dedicated short codes. We do this for multiple reasons. First, using a dedicated short code is an industry best practice that creates a superior experience for you and your followers, as you can ensure that people come to associate your dedicated short code number with your brand. A dedicated short code also gives you complete control over your short code. If multiple brands are using a shared short code, you have no control over whether other brands use it nefariously and cause your text messaging shut down alongside them. As of 2020, most wireless carriers no longer provision the use of new shared short codes. The wireless carriers decide whether or not your organization can send text messages, and they can suspend your usage. That’s why we make it a priority to adhere to their requirements and standards, and dedicated short codes are one of the safest ways to do so.

EZ Texting allows the customer to utilize shared short codes. Thousands of companies can use the same shared short code, so keywords are of particular importance. Keywords help you run your specific campaign on the shared short code. Before your organization decides to use a shared short code, you must understand the potential issues that may arise with this type of code. If a company using the same short code as your organization violates the guidelines of the CTIA Short Code Rule book or wireless carriers’ guidelines, that short code can be suspended, affecting all companies using it. With a shared short code, your campaign may experience interruptions and issues that are out of your organization’s control.

To be compliant with all wireless carrier guidelines and encourage our clients to use SMS marketing best practices, we only allow dedicated short codes. If your organization is currently leasing a shared short code and you’d like to switch to a dedicated short code, learn how to transfer your subscribers in this blog post.


Tatango vs. EZ Texting: Guidelines and Regulations

As just mentioned, we take CTIA and TCPA rules and wireless carrier guidelines very seriously. Tatango’s strict adherence to rules and guidelines may give the impression that we aren’t as flexible as other platforms—and we have strong reasoning for this. The Tatango organization makes it a priority to stay current on all industry regulations and best practices to ensure our clients aren’t breaking TCPA laws and don’t incur costly fines and legal fees. And we want to create a seamless process for our clients to communicate with their customers and supporters.

Ensuring compliance with all texting rules and regulations can be intimidating, and this is why it’s our priority. We want you to focus on creating compelling SMS marketing campaigns while we focus on the less exciting but equally important guidelines and regulations for those campaigns.


Tatango vs. EZ Texting: Security

Security is another reason why Tatango doesn’t allow as much flexibility in certain areas compared to EZ Texting. Tatango’s marketing software has the highest level of security within the industry. Strict adherence to laws and guidelines makes Tatango the most secure platform on the market. Many of our clients store important private customer data, and we work to ensure that it’s safe and not at risk of any breaches.


Tatango vs. EZ Texting: SMS and MMS Speed

Tatango is the fastest SMS marketing software provider on the market. Our platform can send 100,000 SMS messages per minute and 6 million text messages per hour. Tatango’s SMS speed is 33 times faster than our closest competitor. You may not need these speeds if you are a small to medium business, but if you have a large volume of subscribers or need messages to reach your followers promptly, ensuring the platform can accommodate that volume is a vital detail to evaluate with any platform you’re currently considering.



Tatango vs. EZ Texting: Customer Service

To help our customers succeed, we have a dedicated success manager for each client. With clients in various industries like political, advocacy, and nonprofit, we understand SMS campaigns have to be tailored to unique audiences.

Tatango strives to provide industry-specific customer success managers to help every organization succeed. Additionally, we offer a wide range of resources across all industries, ensuring that our material is tailored to your needs.

Raising Political Donations Using Tatango 1


Let’s Chat!

Our dedicated team of professionals is here to answer questions and help our clients succeed within their SMS marketing efforts. If you’re interested in a product demo or have additional questions on any Tatango features and how they compare to other SMS marketing providers, we’d love to chat with you. Schedule time to speak with an SMS marketing professional.

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