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Tatango Launches Video Text Message Marketing

Video Text Message Marketing Example

We’re excited to announce here at Tatango that video text message marketing is now supported on our platform. With the addition of video text message marketing, Tatango supports a full range of MMS marketing products including static mages, GIF’s, and, of course, now video.

Video text message marketing can be used for a variety of purposes – sending subscribers movie trailers, commercials, showing off new products, and/or to solicit mobile donations.

Each video sent within an MMS campaign should adhere to certain specifications. These specifications (below) ensure that your video text messages arrive on your subscriber’s mobile devices, optimized to play at the video’s highest quality, easily understood, and ready for subscribers to take action.

  • When uploading a video to a text message, the maximum video size can be 20MB. Tatango will use it’s transcoding engine to reduce the file size down to be accepted by wireless carriers.
  • For videos in a text message, the maximum amount of time the video can be is 25 seconds.
  • When uploading a video to a text message, the video file can be either .MOV or .MP4 (h264/aac) files.
  • For landscape videos we recommend (16:9) 1280w x 720h, and for horizontal videos we recommend (16:9) 640w x 1138h.
  • We recommend using 30 fps with ~ 2-5Mbps bitrate.
  • We recommend videos under 30 seconds or less w/ speaking/low motion.
  • We recommend videos under 20 seconds or less with music/fast motion.

With all of these specifications considered, it’s important to note one of the most common mistakes we see when sending MMS campaigns.  Take a look at the video (below) and make sure your campaign includes this quick and easy solution, hint: look at the first frame.

Avoid This Common MMS Video Mistake

For more information on sending MMS marketing messages using Tatango, and the specification for videos, images and GIF’s, click here.

If you’re an existing Tatango client that is interested in MMS marketing, and sending video text messages, contact your account manager or email support@tatango.com to learn how to enable this functionality. Not yet a Tatango client, and want to explore the ability to send video text messages to your customers? Contact Tatango to discuss the many MMS marketing options Tatango offers its clients, including video text messaging.

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