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Tatango Launches U.S. Short Code Directory

U.S. Short Code Directory

Today Tatango, the leader in SMS marketing software, is announcing the launch of the U.S. Short Code Directory. The directory is a free public resource, which includes ownership information for over 11,000 U.S. short codes, details on how each short code is being used, and short code campaign information.

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What is an SMS Short Code?

An SMS short code is a 5-6 digit phone number that is used by brands to run their text message marketing campaigns. Consumers can opt-in to these campaigns by texting a keyword to a company’s short code. Businesses then send SMS messages to these opted-in subscribers, typically containing coupons, offers, company communications, and promotions.

In order for a consumer to interact with an SMS short code, they would simply compose a new text message on their cell phone and address it to a brand’s SMS short code.

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SMS Short Code Directory History

When we originally started putting together the SMS short code directory, we envisioned a simple list of SMS short codes. We quickly realized that with over 11,000 SMS short codes, it would be an immense amount of work to maintain the directory, so we made the strategic decision to spin the website off into its own entity. Being its own entity allows the U.S. Short Code Directory team to create its own purpose in the mobile marketing ecosystem, which we believe is needed to derive the greatest amount of value from the resource we’ve created.

The U.S. Short Code Directory is a first for the mobile marketing industry, providing marketers and the public with the much-needed information about the brands and organizations behind these 5- to 6-digit short code numbers.


SMS Short Code Spam Reporting

In an effort to maintain SMS short codes as a clean messaging channel, we’ve teamed up with SpamResponse. Whenever a consumer searches for a short code, they have the ability to report that short code for sending spam. This helps both consumers and SpamResponse assist in fighting text messaging spam.

When you report short code spam, SpamResponse uses the information you provide to help identify and track down scammers and other threat actors and the mechanisms they use to send spam in the marketplace. They document spam-related mobile and web experiences, using the information you provide to help target their investigations. Then, once they’ve gathered enough evidence, they work with businesses, technology providers, and other industry resources to shut down pathways for spam delivery.

SpamResponse investigates every spam report they receive and, when threats are identified, they neutralize the threat, protecting consumers from exposure to additional harm, including malicious messaging, scams, and other digital threats.

SpamResponse is run by WMC Global. They work with brands and organizations around the world, including telecommunications providers, advertising networks, industry associations, and regulatory bodies, to help deliver insight into digital experiences.


Premium SMS Short Code Partner

Did you know that Tatango is not only the owner of the U.S. Short Code Directory but also a Premium Short Code Partner? This partner designation is the highest designation given by the CTIA and the Short Code Registry, and is based on specific criteria, including the number of SMS short codes under management, length of association with using SMS short codes, and performance history.

Although you can develop and host SMS short codes yourself, Premium Partners like Tatango specialize in software development and hosting for SMS short code applications. In addition to providing technical expertise, Premium Partners can advise on the best techniques for maximizing participation and SMS short code campaign results. For more information on getting your own short code, contact Tatango here.


Short Code Directory Video Demo

See below for a quick video on how to use the SMS Short Code Directory.


Short Code FAQ

The second part of the U.S. Short Code Directory is the short code frequently asked questions section. This section was created as a central source for SMS short code questions, and the answers to those questions. Some of the most popular short code questions are listed below, for you to get an idea of what this section offers.

To find the answers to your SMS short code questions, click here: http://usshortcodedirectory.com/faq/

  • How do I find available short codes?
  • What are some good tips for selecting a good short code?
  • How much does an SMS short code cost?
  • What is the Common Short Code Administration (CTIA)?
  • What is a vanity short code?
  • What is a dedicated short code?


We’re really excited at Tatango to have launched this free service and hope you all enjoy it, and it becomes a valuable tool, not for only the mobile marketing industry, but for the general public.

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