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Tatango Launches New Feature – Phone Number Cleaning

Have you ever had a mobile phone number in your text message campaign, where every time you send them a text message, the message bounces? Why does this happen? If a text message bounces once and awhile to a subscriber, it’s usually not an issue, as this most likely means the subscriber is out of range of their wireless network, or maybe they don’t have any text messaging credits left on their current billing cycle. While an occasional bounce for a specific phone number is normal, repetitive bounces usually signify that the mobile phone number is no longer active, meaning that they’ll never receive the text message, no matter how many times you try to send it.

Instead of continuing to send text messages to that specific mobile phone number, Tatango has launched a new feature, which automatically removes phone numbers from your campaign after a certain amount of bounces. You can see an example of below, in which 10 mobile phone numbers were removed from the campaign, or as we call it “Cleaned”.

Tatango Text Messaging Software Screenshot

Want to see the mobile phone numbers that Tatango has cleaned from your campaign? If you visit your Subscribers page, select the option to view “Cleaned” subscribers in the drop-down menu, as illustrated below. This will show you not only a total count of the mobile phone numbers that have been cleaned in your campaign, but will also show you which mobile phone numbers have been cleaned.

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Pretty cool new feature huh? If you have any questions, or feedback regarding this feature, let us know in the comments section below.

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