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Tatango Introduces Location Based SMS Messaging Capabilities

Did you read our recent article on location based mobile marketing and get excited? Well now there’s even more to get excited about as Tatango just launched the ability for you to target your SMS messages based on the zip codes of your mobile subscribers.

Remember a little while ago we wrote about the Texas Roadhouse text messaging campaign, and how they were able to achieve a 17% redemption rate? Well what if Texas RoadHouse wanted to send a text message promotion to their TextUs Loyalty Club members that lived around one of their clusters of restaurants in Texas? Now with Tatango’s location based SMS messaging capabilities, they can!

Here’s how it works. All the pins on the map below represent different Texas Roadhouse restaurant locations, and as you can see there’s a cluster of them around Fort Worth, Texas. So lets say Texas Roadhouse was interested in sending a text message promotion to their customers that lived within driving distance of one of these six locations. First they’d have to select a zip code and a radius around that zip code in which they would target their text message promotion. For this example, we selected the zip code 76021 and created a 50 mile boundary around that zip code to make sure we would only send this promotion to customers within driving distance of any of the six locations.

Texas Roadhouse Text Messaging Campaign

Once we determine a zip code and radius around that zip code, we’re ready to send our location based text messaging promotion. As you can see below, we entered in text for the promotion, then selected “Send to Segment”. Here we set the message to send to only customers within 50 miles of the zip code 76021.

Location Based SMS Marketing

When sent, this message would only be received by Texas Roadhouse customers within 50 miles of the zip code 76012. That’s all it takes to create a location based SMS promotion, pretty simple huh? Have questions about using location based mobile marketing to not only make your promotions more relevant to your customers, but increase SMS redemption rates? Give the mobile marketing experts a call at (206) 274-6599 to discuss the many options Tatango offers to more accurately target your mobile subscribers.


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