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Tatango Goes Virtual

As you may have read from our tweets or on Facebook, Tatango has officially become a virtual company. We are now into week 2 of the move to a virtual office and it is going well. Employees are now moved and settled into their home offices.

There are many reasons for becoming a virtual company:

-Being an internet based company, we have the freedom and ability to do our work wherever. We also moved all documents and communications to the cloud to help make our work accessible from literally anywhere.

-We can now allocate rent costs to fund projects to improve Tatango

-Gives employees the freedom to move (Seattle for example) or stay in Bellingham. Some employees have wanted to move to Seattle for some time, but with Tatango based in Bellingham, this wasn’t possible.

-And most importantly, we can work in our pajamas! :)

Here is a link to a short video Derek did, explaining our move and reasons more in-depth. We’ll continually post with updates about how going virtual is working for Tatango as time passes.

Have you worked virtually before or currently do? Any tips, suggestions or comments please feel free to post.

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