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Tatango Customer Spotlight: Scott Brown

Here’s another Tatango customer interview in a series we’re calling Tatango Customer Spotlight. Enjoy the following interview.


Client Name: Rob Willington
Client Campaign Name: Scott Brown U.S. Senate Race
Location: Boston, MA
Industry: Political SMS Campaign

Scott Brown Political SMS Campaign

1. I can’t believe I’m actually getting to talk to the one and only, Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts, what an honor.

Whoops, sorry, you got some guy named Rob Willington instead. He ran the electricity department of the Brown campaign.


2. Well, then I guess you’re even better to talk since you were the one that ran the senator’s text messaging campaign. How did you get such a cool job?

I’ve known Senator Brown for about 8 years now, from my days in the State House in Boston. I worked with him when I was political director and executive director of the monstrous entity known as the Massachusetts Republican Party. He was very helpful back then to the party.


3. So how did you use text messaging during the campaign?

We used SMS marketing as one of our primary ways to reach our supporters, volunteers and team members. With over 98% of text messages being read, we leveraged this to promote events, drum up support and most importantly, GOTV (Get Out The Vote).

Scott Brown Political SMS Marketing

4. Give me an example of one of the text messages you sent.

One of the best examples was when we sent out the following message to the 7,000 plus supporters in our mobile subscriber list.
“Martha Coakley will be on 96.9 FM Talk, right now. Call 617-822-1969 right now with your questions!”


5. What were the results of that text message?

Radio domination! Within seconds, hundreds of Scott Brown supporters started flooding the radio station with their calls. Martha Coakley was quoted on the radio saying “Every call that has come in is a Scott Brown call.”


6. That’s awesome to hear. Why did you decide to go with Tatango? What made us special, besides our bright orange website?

After checking out a few other options, what sealed the deal was that their pricing was very up-front and clearly advertised. The others made it very tricky to find their costs, which was a big red flag for us. In the end, we went with the one we felt most comfortable with. Tatango won us over. Plus, who doesn’t love orange!

Scott Brown SMS Campaign

7. Awh, that’s so nice of you to say! Tell me more about how you got supporters, volunteers and voters to opt-in to receive the senators text messages.

Any ‘real estate’ we were given, we took advantage of. Whether it was our YouTube channel, Twitter account, yard signs or printed materials, we used them all to promote our keyword.


8. Great ideas! Any other ideas for campaign managers who are looking to implement text messaging?

Don’t think of it as a persuasion tool, think of it as a method for mobilizing your ground troops. A campaign that has the power to activate thousands of supporters with the click of a mouse, wins elections.

Scott Brown Campaign SMS Marketing


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