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Tatango Chosen as a Top SMS Short Code Provider

Tatango Chosen as a Top SMS Short Code Provider

We are extremely honored that the Common Short Code Administration has selected Tatango as one of the top mobile marketing companies that offers dedicated SMS Short Codes.

In addition to Tatango, other industry leaders in mobile marketing such as OpenMarket, HipCricket, Vibes Media, Signal, Waterfall Mobile, iLoop Mobile, and Velti were recognized as top providers. This is extremely gratifying because we have been working with the CSCA since we started in 2007 and to be recognized by them is a huge accomplishment.

The Common Short Code Administration leases all SMS short codes in the United States to SMS Marketing companies like Tatango.  The CSCA is also in charge of overseeing the technical and operational properties of all common short codes and is the only official resource that maintains a data base of available, reserved and registered short codes and keywords.

Interested in obtaining a short code or even better a dedicated short code? You can drop us a line and we can help you out!

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