SMS Marketing Examples

Tatango and Soccer Club

Here’s a customer testimonial from Jill G., who uses Tatango for her soccer (or futbol) club:

“We love Tatango, our team would never go back.  It’s a breeze in about 30 seconds and I am able to communicate with approximately 50 phone numbers, I don’t need to be near a computer to get off an email and the boys and their parents all know of any change in plans minutes after it occurs.  Its great since our boys mostly drive themselves now to practice and when they leave school at the end of the day they know what is expected of them.

Derek, I am thrilled to hear that the club is considering using your system.  Our team has used it since last August.  I had a meeting with all of the parents and players for the new year and they were unanimous that they would not go back.”

Sports teams are just another example of who uses Tatango. The group possibilities are endless. Have a group you want to communicate with? Use Tatango!


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