SMS Marketing Examples

Mobile Marketing Manager or Mobile Ninja?

Stage Text Messaging Campaign

How can I hire the mobile marketing manager for Stage Stores to come work for Tatango? Why would I want to do this? It’s simple, whoever is managing the SMS marketing campaign for Stage Stores is truly an SMS marketing ninja, and that’s the only types of ninjas we hire here at Tatango. Well besides the ninja that guards our front door, but that’s a different story.

Check out the text message Stage Stores sent to shoppers 3 days before Christmas below.

Stage Text Message

How freakin’ cool is that? That’s one hell of an SMS marketing ninja move if I’ve ever seen one. I think this even beats out Redbox when they used their SMS campaign to grow their email marketing database.

My advice to SMS marketers, opt-in to this SMS campaign by texting “STAGE” to the SMS short code 38228, as I can only imagine what this SMS marketing ninja will release on us next. You can also click here to join.

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