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Square Uses SMS To Increase App Downloads

Download Square App via Text Message

It seems like most mobile apps nowadays are making it easier for potential downloaders to find and install their apps by using SMS, which results in an increase in app downloads. Square, the mobile payment processing company is no different, with their launch of their “Text me a link” feature, which is displayed very prominently on their website landing page as you can see above.

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When a person enters their mobile phone number into the blank field, then selects “Text me a link”, they will receive the following text message, providing an easy and fast way to download the Square app on their mobile device.

Square Text Message App Download

Pretty cool huh? The best part, by using services that detect the device a person is accessing the app download link from, you can direct them to the appropriate app store without having to take them to a clunky landing page.

Do you have an app that is looking to offer an easier way to allow people to download your app? If so, join Square and hundreds of other app developers by building your very own text-to-download feature on your website. You should also check out how to use an SMS keyword and short code to increase app downloads in more traditional media like print, radio, and television.

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