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Sonic Uses Line Breaks in SMS Promotions

Sonice Drive In Sign

Sonic Drive-In is an American icon, and one of the few quick service restaurants left that stays true to the classic drive-in experience. Unlike their classic drive-in experience, Sonic Drive-In text message subscribers, are starting to see something new in the text message promotions they’ve been receiving.

Recently Sonic Drive-In text message subscribers have been receiving SMS promotions, and what’s unique about these messages is the Sonic’s use of strategically placed line breaks. As you can see in the text messages below sent from their dedicated short code 876-642, Sonic is using line breaks in their SMS promotions to separate out the different components of the promotion.

Usually the SMS promotion will start off with a hook, sort of like what you’d expect them to send in an email marketing subject line, then after the hook, they’ll have a line break. After the first line break, they’ll have the actual offer, then a second line break, which separates the offer from the qualifications for the offer.

Sonic Text Messages

Looking for ways to spice up your next text message promotion? Try breaking up the promotion by using line breaks, as Sonic Drive-In has done. Let us know the results in the comments below if you try this on one of your own SMS promotions.

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